Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chavez the scientist

Blog quality depends in large part of its readers. Rapetout sent me this fantastic YouTube where Chavez states that the Human Species is 25 centuries old (also published in "the Real Cuba").

Since it is short I will translate all of it.

Chavez: How many years does the human specie have? François, how many centuries do we already have here? 20 centuries? Something like that?
François: A little bit more
Chavez: A little bit more?
François: Yes.
Chavez: 25 centuries?
François: 25 centuries, yes, of course.
Chavez:25 centuries, yes. thanks my brother.

The video apparently dates of 2006 but considering the education changes proposed by the government, amen to the constitutional reform, it acquires today an even darker and ominous coloration.

What is wrong with this video, really?

I am not even bothering about Chavez general cultural ignorance, I have a whole blog about it.

No, what worries me is the amount of "François" around Chavez. The amount of people that say yes to whatever the great leader says. The amount of people willing to lower themselves, to renounce any self to please the beloved leader. Be it the age of the human specie to whether we should spring forward(or was it backward?) our clocks.

Now, with hundreds of François in the public administration, at Miraflores Palace, in the education and science and university ministries, what kind of education can we expect for our children, our youths, our students. Ideology and official science and history, that is what is in store for us.

Ps: apparently this video has been around long enough that there is even a reply video from some TV personality. For those whop understand Spanish you might want to listen to it here. The guys says exactly what I am saying there, but with a lovely cono sur accent. Apparently he has dealt with a lot of françois too (hat tip Feathers)

-The end-

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