Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great news! CNE to emit results Friday afternoon!

Our long wait for the election results of Sunday might be over. We have got NOTHING since the 2AM bulletin, even though more than 10% of the ballots were were not accounted for yet (AWOL?). But Tibisay Lucena, the head honcho of the CNE, is invited to the inauguration of Mrs. K in Buenos Aires. Why? I suppose because she is a woman, or that the K dynasty wants to keep leeching of Venezuela for as long as Chavez is in office. Whatever it is, Tibisay is leaving tomorrow afternoon AFTER the press conference where the final results will be announced. Or so the CNE page tells us. We all hope that by Friday she will have got back her composure from her sorry spectacle of Monday AM, or that Sandra Oblitas will have stopped her partisan crying.

***This post is 100% irony/sarcasm free.
No Venezuelan voter has been used to test the emotional implications of
what is implied in this post***

-The end-

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