Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Delays at the CNE

Since it has come up in comments, I still cannot make my electoral analysis because the CNE at this late time has yet to emit its second bulletin!!!! That is, at midnight on Wednesday we are still stuck at what was published at 1 AM Monday morning. I am not going to discuss how inexcusable this is. I just want to note that a careful study of abstention and comparison with previous elections by region is essential this time and I cannot do it until I get the final result. NOTE: I really do not care about the sterile debate on whether we got 50.7% or 54.7%. What I can tell is that by the time the embassy vote rolls in we will cross for sure the 51% barrier. And the 12% remaining to count might be a lot of "actas manuales" which tend to favor Chavez. Thus we should not expect any improvement from these counts. Get used to it, we will not go above a 51.5% total no matter what Ledezma or SUMATE claim. It does not matter anyway.

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