Thursday, January 03, 2008

Announcement: inflation, crime and a second break.

There is so much to post on such as the way higher murder rate in Venezuela than in Iraq or how Cabezas fiscal policies failed miserably as Venezuelan inflation reached 23%, almost the double of the set goal, the highest of the continent, about 4 times as high as the average. And let's not even mention the very partial, very selective, very meaningless "amnesty"....

In "normal countries" the ministers in charge would have long ago tendered their resignation, but here the architect of Venezuelan economic policy since 1999, Giordani, the man who presides today over a probably real 35% inflation, who oversaw the collapse of Venezuelan currency from 500 to 1 USD to now around 6,000, is not even giving press interviews, hidden from view in some distant office and harshly criticizes anyone who dares even to emit a doubt about his ideas. Dogmatism to the hilt. I do not even blame Cabezas, he is just stupid and follows orders he is not able to understand. The blame of course is Chavez who keeps incompetents such as Pedro Carroña, oops, Carreño,, Cabezas, Giordani and so many other in office, forbidding them to even resign as he wants to be the only one who decides who stays and who goes. It is even rumored that Chavez attends less and less cabient meetings, as his attention cannot be distracted form his foreign adventures (where he has quite another incompetent in charge with Maduro).

So? What is a blogger to do? Go for a second break to spend as fast as possible the little bit of cash left after the holidays before it vanishes in thin air. It will be a different green adventure and I will see you back Sunday night. And this time I might not even have Direct TV.

-The end-

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