Sunday, February 03, 2008

Walk against the FARC

This Monday you can do something for a good cause that also will piss off Chavez: join one of the many groups protesting the FARC violence across the world. You can find reasons here in English and meeting points here with the schedule for your area once you click on the closest meeting point to you.

For Venezuelans who might be hesitant to disrupt their Carnaval holiday (bad timing for Venezuela, low turnout expected), I will give a few reasons why move your butt and be at Plaza Brion of Caracas (or wherever you might be) by 11 AM Monday 4 February:

YOU can protest against Chavez for dragging us into a war we have no business being in, a true anti war march! Before the war starts!

YOU can protest for Chavez supporting violence and drug traffickers.

YOU can protest for Chavez supporting hostage takers.

YOU can protest his coup attempt of February 1992 where his ambition cost the lives of hundreds of Venezuelans and a political and economical crisis that has never abated since then.

But best of all, YOU can state that the union of Latin American peoples will not pass through the personal ambitions and barely contained violence of a few individuals.
See YOU there, Plaza Brion, between 10 and 11 AM for a short walk to the Colombian embassy.

-The end-

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