Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cocaine and the commandante

The way the cocaine traffic connection in Venezuela is rapidly being exposed, we can understand much better why is Chavez so desperately trying to start a conflict with Colombia or why he is chewing coca leaves in public. In fact, the very best hypothesis today as to why Uribe took the damning chance to have Chavez as an "intermediary" with the FARC was perhaps to have Chavez expose himself for what the bolivarian revolution has become: a morally corrupt entity. The dangerous gamble seems to have paid off. Chavez now is totally exposed as being at best too lenient with some within his army benefiting from drug trafficking from Colombia. At worst? The readers will decide themselves with the links below.

First, in English, through Harry's place, I was sent the fabulous article from the Guardian. A lengthy, complete, research on the murky world of drugs, FARC, Venezuelan army and Bolivarian pseudo-revolution. Not to be missed. The title by itself leaves absolutely no room for ambiguity:

Revealed: Chávez role in cocaine trail to Europe

Now, the Guardian readers, no matter how to the left they might be, will have to see Chavez for what he really has become. Such as did long ago the readers of Le Monde in France or even longer ago readers from El Pais in Spain. True leftist democrats cannot accept the ways of Chavez and we can watch in amusement as some of the worst critics of chavismo are now coming from the European Center to Left arena, while the right still seeks to minimize Chavez while cashing in some deals such as Total about to renew some contracts in Venezuela. But then what can you expect from Sarkozy.....

For those who can read Spanish (hat tip P.B.) you have two articles from SEMANA. The first one describes with an amazing luxury of details one the main henchmen of Chavez, the one who is called by Semana as the Chavez 's Montesinos, namely general Hugo Carvajal. It seems that this nice man has accumulated power to an extent we have not seen since Pedro Estrada of the latest military dictatorship in Venezuela, the one of Perez Jimenez (greatly admired by Chavez by the way). [ADDED LATER! the translation into English at PMB, DO NOT MISS IT!!!!]

The second article from the same Semana issue is about the lives and times of the recent drug lord killed in Merida, Venezuela. In this article you will learn how Wilber Varela "Jabón" moved to Venezuela under Chavez rule (2004) where he did battle rival gangs while the Venezuelan armed forces did play a role as an umpire for sale much more than any anti drug enforcement agency. These crimes, covered up by chavista officials, one day will have to be explained.

And where is the answer of Chavez to this mounting sea of corruption and drug trafficking? Last night in "cadena" he commemorated his getting into office, 9 long years ago. And what did he meditate on? As to whether the "oligarchies" of Colombia are worse than the ones of Venezuela. Some body should have the good sense to tell Chavez that covering up for drug traffickers is probably the worst crime that exists against a society, and that the drug oligarchy he is creating will soil his name for ever. Not to mention bringing one day a vicious reaction against all what Chavez stood for, even the good stuff of his early years.

-The end-

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