Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Francisco Rodriguez, part 2

Still too busy to write anything meaningful, and oh boy!, how many things to write about!

Meanwhile I leave you with the second part of the Tal Cual interview of Francico Rodriguez (first part preceding post). Shorter and less interesting but still worth reading if anything to examine the evolution of the rational minds that supported at first the chavista experiment and who know have turned among its fiercest critics. By subscription only so I lifted it here in Spanish for your reading pleasure. Note that FR states clearly that a democratic transition in Venezuela will be difficult because of the quantity of crimes and larceny committed under chavismo. Quote:
I believe with reason that soon we are going to be faced with matters referring to human political rights violations, problems of fraud and corruption that society will demand punishment from and that will make difficult a stable transition.

There, he said it, the chavista orgy will result in years of political instability and violence! Unfortunately this blogger shares this forecast, the more so that the opposition is totally oblivious of what is coming, at least judging from its local election campaign...

-The end-

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