Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Lost Art of Conspiracy

One of my favorite title for a book was the memoir of French Actress Simone Signoret: "La Nostalgie n'est plus ce qu'elle etait" which translates as "Nostalgia was not what it used to be" but without the flavor of the French original. That is, the book as a memoir also tries to impress in the readers that time changes, feelings change with time and even memories change with time. In short: things are never done again in the same way, be it factually or through the cloudy lens of memory. Which was a convenient excuse, right from the title of her memoir, for Simone Signoret to gloss over parts of her life she did not want the spotlight on.

I do not why I thought of that title when I read the latest update on Chavez Nth life assassination attempt investigation, this time directed by representative Mario Isea, another one of those nullities that would have amounted to nothing had Chavez not extracted them from under the rock where they used to live. Isea now thinks he is a modern day McCarthy with the right to say whatever he wants about anyone he wants. Except that it does not work.

See, McCarthy was talking about what was perceived as a real threat by many Americans, and he was defending the United states of America, not whomever was sitting at the Oval Office desk. Thus he got some effect before he finally was exposed. But poor Isea has no such luck. He defends Chavez, not Venezuela, by implying that killing Chavez is enough to annihilate Venezuela. Even the most hardcore chavista will wince at such a preposterous proposal. And that is why Isea has to go higher and higher in his idiocy to try to elicit some response from the chavista base who are getting tired of being rallied at regular intervals by assassination attempts that look each time less and less credible.

The latest from Isea was to pick up as literal some wedding party gossip. That is right, apparently a chavista journalist was invited to the wedding of Yon Goicochea where he overheard Marcel Granier (RCTV) and Miguel Otero (El Nacional) plot the future of the country, right in the middle of the wedding party, with all drinking, and dancing and singing, and probably half drunk. That gossip published in the most reliable of Web Sites, Aporea, is taken at face value by Isea and the Venezuelan state Radio. An investigation has been launched.

Before we go on what that particular plot was about let me state that me and thousands of others Venezuelans should immediately be investigated as I recognize that at any wedding party I attend I always end up conspiring at someone's table about what we should do about Venezuela and what punishment we should impose on Chavez and some of his noted followers. In fact Isea should infiltrate any Venezuelan wedding with undercover agents and even at chavista wedding I am sure he will find lots of incriminating evidence. Soon Isea could come up with a list comparable in length to the Tascon list of people that should be thrown to jail without trial as it is now the custom in Venezuela.

Now, for the actual charges. Apparently we are asked to believe that Granier, who had the smarts to resist the RCTV closing and managed to have it survive, and Miguel Otero, whose paper has been a chavista target for ten years, sat down, abandoned any smarts that have accompanied them in a decade of resistance to discuss at a wedding a serious conspiracy that anyone close enough could overhear, or even join in if they pleased. Huh? And get this, not only they decided on the "transition presidency" as being led by Diego Arria as approved by the US but his Vice president would be Baduel who they did not know yet whether he had accepted the offer. Miquelena was to approve of the whole thing.

Just a question: let's assume for a second that indeed retired diplomat Diego Arria is in such a conspiracy to make a coup against Chavez. If he succeeds, will he even think about getting a vice president? Only a chavista legally sick and perverse mind could even conceive of such a stupid legal cover up, to name a vice president to pretend legality! Makes Carmona plot look brilliant in comparison....

In conclusion, either the art of conspiracy is definitely lost in Venezuela, or Isea and his combo are perfect morons. I go for the later. You?

-The end-

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