Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama did it again!

Has anyone noticed in the debate a few days ago that Obama spoke against Venezuela once again? Interesting no? He was not even prodded to do it. The man really knows that Chavez sucks. Who are our dear PSF friends going to vote for if Obama is against Chavez? As for yours truly, he must admit that he is starting to warm up some to an Obama presidency: the man has his ideology for sure but he clearly seems to be able to go beyond what Republicans try to paint him. At any rate, the recent viciousness of McCain is playing right into the hands of Obama and making him more endearing. And heck, Obama's speech might be conveniently empty but his command of English is so much better than the other side...... I am a sucker for that, in particular after ten years of Chavez vulgarity and Bush bad grammar. Obama will make mince meat of Chavez if they ever have to debate.

-The end-

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