Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Weil 2008 campaign

Tal Cual cartoonist Weil had a few good ones on the current electoral campaign. I have picked three for your enjoyment.

This first one is easy to get: Chavez asks first who do they vote for before throwing a life saver. Note: a single life saver at that. And on the same vein of narcissistic and egotistical Chavez, we have the depiction of your average PSUV political rally this day, disguised as "avance informativo" (breaking news) by the state media, when it is not thrown down our throats as a cadena. The Chavez abuse of cadena this time has been worse than ever, just as opposition candidates simply have no access to state TV unless they are named to be insulted.

"Capitalism is individualistic, egotistical, narcissistic...
I have just been told that we are in cadena"

This last one addresses another abuse of the government. To counter all the bad news that come everyday about the lousy Chavez administration, Izarrita, the goebbelian communication minister has come up with the idea of a "true Venezuela" campaign. In this campaign we see chavistas that try to convince us that Venezuela is a new Arcadia. One of these galling adds even has an MD, of the type that still do house calls (where, I want to know) that says the change is slow but sure and people should enjoy the ride. None of these adds of course address the true reality of Venezuela, the one of crime, of power outages, of piling garbage, of crumbling hospitals, of crime and more crime.... This cartoon of Weil addresses two of these realities: the lack of food and the lack of electricity as it aggravates the lack of food.

"This little piece of meat cost me a bundle,
I am goign to put it in the freezer to see if it lasts me a few days...
Shit! the light went out again"
Luisa Mogollon, Puerto Ordaz

Puerto Ordaz is one of the areas the most affected by power outages. And meat is scarce this days again, and inflation is eating the little bit of money that the Luisa Mogollones of this world manage to make. If your freezer is unable to freeze, in one of the warmest cities of Venezuela, you are in trouble.

-The end-

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