Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yet another cadena from hell: the inhumane Chavez

Huge rains have fallen this afternoon over Caracas and some areas of the country. Traffic is collapsed everywhere; landslides are happening; bridges are washed away.

What does Chavez do in front of the emergency? He calls a cadena to discuss a joint project of light bulbs with Vietnam, with cardboard models and all. Half of the country is washed away, half of the country is in need to listen to the radio to know ways to escape to return home from a hellish commute, and all they find is Chavez doing electoral politicking with a joint project with Vietnam, not even an inauguration. Chavez desperately trying to scrap a few more votes while people might be watching their home slide into oblivion.

It is hard to imagine a better example of abuse of the media by Chavez, who even has the nerve to say that "we are aware of some problems but we are taking care of them" and keep going on with his cadena as if nothing, a cadena that no one gives a fuck about. That is correct, if right now you are stuck in the worse traffic of your life, rain everywhere, and that mountain on the side looming quite dangerous as increasing rivulets of water keep coming down at you, the only thing you can hear, ON ANY radio station, is Chavez bullshitting about Vietnam and probably as usual rewriting history.

And that happened in 1999, and it happened about 4 years ago when someone drowned in the middle of Caracas main highway while Chavez was once again on cadena. You think the man would learn. You think that someone in his entourage would suggest to tape the damned cadena and play it later. But no. The supreme narcissistic creep, the most egotistical Venezuelan alive, keeps going on with his glory, giving a fuck about the rest of the country, be it his opposition stuck in traffic or his poor devotees whose shacks perilously clinging on the hills are about to slide down in a tide of mud.

What will it take for some of Chavez followers to realize that the guy only thinks of himself and that they are simply used for his personal goals?

-The end-

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