Friday, February 13, 2009

A self assured, confident Chavez administration expels an Euro-representative

Chavismo must be very nervous. TibiSI Lucena, ooopps, I meant Tibisay Lucena, president of the CNE has asked for the expulsion of a Spanish Euro Representative Luis Herrero that said things he was not supposed to say.

OK, let's look at this with a calm attitude.

Whatever indisposed TibiSI did not register with me. Representative Herrero said what this blog has been saying for weeks as to the nature of the blackmailing campaign of Chavez. And he said it nicer than what I wrote. Why is TbiSI not expelling me from Venezuela?

Herrero did not interfere into Venezuelan politics anymore than did Ecuador's Correa or Nicaragua's Ortega who came here as head of states to campaign with Chavez directly. Herrero came on the last day, for international observation, at a time and a position that would made whatever he could say almost irrelevant. TibiSI made sure it would be relevant.

OK, let's admit for the sake of the argument that indeed Herrero deserved expulsion. Why was that expulsion almost carried simultaneously with the announcement of TibiSI? And why not even allow him to get his passport before being carted off who knows where. Because the DISIP came fast, grabbed the guy, took him away and no one had for two hours a idea where the guy was. The Airport? Jail? The Spanish Embassy? It is, oh, all so fitting with the mafiosi nature of the regime, the police and the army having become simple executors of the sordid deals of chavismo.

I can imagine tomorrow's roar of Chavez promoting inoffensive looking Herrero as yet another tool of the empire, denouncing yet another conspiration and saying that Venezuela deserves respect. Just as the opposition will remind us about the hanger on of Chavez sucking up our money for their sycophancy fees.

There are thus several ways to interpret this.

Chavismo is losing and a nervous TibiSI is trying to score browny points before Chavez yells at her again. A flashy measure would seem appropriate.

Chavismo is losing big and TibiSI was asked to put up the show.

Somebody within chavismo is trying to sabotage Chavez, to make him look bad in Europe (and elsewhere). Because, between us, can the DISIP be that stupid not to let the guy even take his passport? We are not talking of a HRW person here, but a European Representative!!!! Is the DISIP not trained to act according to the individual or are they so deep in mafia practices that they stoppe dcaring?

Chavismo is losing big and they are simply a buch of Monty Python characters.

Or more charitably, chavismo is losing by the narrowest of margins and someone came up with this sketch to push the cheap nationalism pedal.

Whatever it is, tomorrow in European newpsapers Venezuela will come up as a country of savages and Chavez as "el gorila militarote" he is. We are a joke.....

-The end-

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