Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New York Times: Venezuelans’ Right to Say No

Sometimes the work of solitary bloggers finally is vindicated when a major newspaper comes out with an editorial who in full validates all what they had been writing for years (as reader Libertad pointed in a comment).

Without further ado I invite you to read today's editorial of the New York Times, which comes with perfect timing between the vote and the expulsion of Herrero, with methods in accordance to a fascisto-thuggish regime rather than a democracy.

Hugo, win or lose tomorrow, the word is out on you. All the money you sunk into internet and propaganda agencies like the VIO has gone to total waste. But so was most of the 10 years that went by.

Addenda: later today I also found Forero on Ledezma's problems. Not an editorial, but as good an exposition of the anti democratic nature of chavismo as the NYT editorial.

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