Friday, March 20, 2009

There might be an opposition after all


Well, I bet Chavez is even more surprised than me tonight. Yesterday Rosales was accused of corruption. Within twenty four hours Rosales called for a huge, and I mean HUGE, popular rally in Maracaibo, of the type of rallies that even with a gadzillion of buses Chavez today would be unable to call for in 24 hours. And, hold tight, all the who'swho of the current elected opposition leadership is taking turn on stage to defend Rosales and declare chavismo corrupt. They are all there, from Salas Feo to Carlos Ocariz, from Miryam do Nascimento to Gerardo Blyde. Well, I have not seen the one from Margarita but you know, even if you want to go you might not always be able to do so. If Chavez did want to strengthen the leadership of the opposition and its unity around Rosales he could not have done better....

It is very noteworthy that all speakers are striking the right note, defending Rosales but spending more time in attacking Chavez recent policies, and harshly.

A law revoking referendum in the near future?

update: it was really one of the most successful opposition rallies I have seen. The psychological image of all of the opposition leadership unified in its criticism of Chavez abuses, with words much stronger than what we are used to see will have an impact. Rosales spoke at the end and even accused the Zulia representatives of betrayal to their own home state. A recall election on the National Assembly in the works? Why not? Even removing a couple of dozens seats only would have a tremendous psychological impact.

Whatever honeymoon Chavez thought he would be benefiting from his February 15 result, it died this week.

Madre mía, si el gobierno
no ayuda al pueblo zuliano,
tendréis que meter la mano
y mandarlo pa'l infierno.

-The end-

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