Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mr. Obama, Cuba and the O.A.S.

I am using straight the very same title of today's editorial at the New York Times, which pretty much states what I did write yesterday. Less negatively than me perhaps, because maybe they do not understand as well the psychological roots of the problem. Still, they do write:
after a hyperbole-filled debate that focused almost solely on past resentments of the United States, rather than Cuba’s ongoing repression
They also write this, in case any one doubted who the trouble makers cum bullies were:
The campaign was led by the O.A.S.’s least-democratic members (Nicaragua and Venezuela), which seemed intent on picking a fight with Washington — and deflecting attention from their own unsavory practices.
Clear, no? The NYT a tad late to join the fray, but with a bang.

-The end-

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