Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obscene scenes about Honduras

I am flabbergasted about some of the scenes I have had to painfully watch on TV. And some of them can only be described as obscenity.

The first one is a huffing and puffing OAS secretary Insulza arriving at Tegucigalpa and calling for the pressure on Honduras new regime to be maintained. Fine. But what about the constant violations to Human Rights by Chavez under the dreadful silence and implied acquiescence of Insulza? Read his El Pais interview a few weeks ago as the latest shameful example. I would settle for him showing a quarter the concern he has over Honduras toward Venezuela.

Can any world "leader" put into the same paragraph a condemnation to the Honduras coup along a request for Zelaya to mend his ways if he wants to be worthy of the help he is requesting? (Though there is a Honorable mention to Colombia's Uribe who at least mentioned the dangers of intervention for the sake of it, a la Chavez).

Is not any one going to remind Chavez that he was himself a coupster, that he had scores of people killed, and truly innocent people at that, in 1992? Has he ever apologized for that? No, he is even making it a national holiday.

But the worst of all, the true obscenity of the year, is Raul Castro speaking to defend constitutionality in Honduras. I mean, are people not even ashamed to sit through the speeches of Raul at the Nicaragua assembly yesterday? Is not anyone going to point out that there has no been a fair election in Cuba for more than half a century? That the only way to vote in Cuba is with your feet?

It is amazing that the people who scream the loudest about the Honduras coup are perhaps the ones that should be the most aware of the glass house they are living in. More of that garbage and soon I am going to start finding virtues to the Honduras coup.

Update: I stand corrected in part. The Washington Post editorial of today, that I had not read yet, clarifies a few things.

-The end-

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