Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zelaya supporters

OK, I try, I try, but pictures like the one below makes it difficult for one to remain objective, to try to find virtue in Hondura's Zelaya arguments.

This picture, probably devilishly sought by the AFP photograph, shows a Zelaya supporter IN Costa Rica. It is probably a Costa Rican kid, raised in the most democratic country of the Americas perhaps, who has for role model an assassin, to the point of trying to be a look alike. What went wrong there? Educational system failing in Costa Rica? Too much dope? What ideology and misplaced sense of fashion do to you....

On another note I was sent something that I do not know what to think about. Supposedly the interim Honduras government seized a few computers that allegedly had already the pre-ordained results of the infamous "non binding" Zelaya referendum. Since no one is making so far a big fuss about it I am not taking a position on that issue but I am duly reporting it. I have no trouble believing the computers seized by Uribe's army since he has a track record. Honduras interim folks might be understandably in a propaganda blitz, where fudging data to gain time is a valid strategy. I would feel much better if they were surrendering that evidence to neutral observers, as well as the Zelaya credit card bills.

-The end-

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