Friday, August 07, 2009

Corruption a work in Venezuela: Movistar, Diosdado and the Spanish government

There is a blog that I have been meaning to link on the right side of this page for the longest of time, a blog of someone well connected into the Caracas shenanigans. Today Caracas Gringo publishes a stunning expose on probably why Moratinos, Spanish Foreign minister said that he found no fault with freedom of expression in Venezuela: he was probably paying back a sweet deal from Chavez. It is a must read and a clear example on how folks like Diosdado Cabello are looting Venezuela. Either Gringo in Caracas should go to jail for defamation, or Diosdado should start accounting for the constant robbery he has done since Chavez brought him close to the petrodollars. Let's say that my worries are with Gringo as the truth seekers are the ones paying in Venezuela.

PS: and you might as well read the follow up entry on Fernandez Barrueco.

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