Friday, August 07, 2009

For those who seek blogging fame

Today's movie review of "Julie and Julia" in the WaPo is a perfect criticism of the excesses of blogging world were too many of us think they are actually changing things. But art and creativity are bestowed to very few of us, and probably even less in the blogging world.

Before anyone sees this as my self excuse let me add quickly that I have written often enough that I am the first surprised at how far I have gone with this media, being perfectly content with the little bit I have achieved, trying to do a little bit more for the challenge. But some other bloggers, well, let me be polite and not write further on that.

The case at hand here is "Julie" who I actually read in my earlier blogging days. In short it was how cooking affected her life. She was original enough to get a book deal and more, and thus simply stopped writing her blog, becoming too important for us. At least, even if I had such dreams (who I have caressed, I will not deny it), that I am writing a political blog about a fucked up country will protect me forever from such tempting offers.

But it seems that the movie came out and it could not hide the painful gap between a real star, Julia Child, and a wanna-be minor league "Julie" of New York. Cruelly Ann Hornaday writes:
As for [Julie] Powell, her project resulted in everything she wanted in the first place: fame, a book contract and a movie deal. That's it. [...] In pure style and strength of character, [Julia] Child reigns supreme. And Powell's arms are too short to blog with God.
I love it! Nice grounding for the blogging world!

Though Julie did get her cash...... Hummm... could I get at least an invitation to some symposium on Venezuela some day, in, say, Tokyo or New Delhi?

PS: Meryl Streep plays Julia and apparently pulls out yet another stunning performance.

-The end-

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