Friday, August 07, 2009

People that were never meant to be president of a country, even as small as Honduras

Being a president is more than just carrying a big silly wide white brim hat. Being a president also requires to know how to behave depending on where you are. Only successful demagogues like Chavez can get away with murder, and not all the time as a king may cross his path and cut him down to size.

Today we learned that Zelaya was all but expelled from Mexico after having been received with all the honors due to a head of state. In fact, the presidential guard did not allow Zelaya to speak with reporters before leaving and all but forcibly packed him and a plane to ship him back to Managua. What happened?

Well, big mouthed Zelaya thinking he is some Chavez wanna-be went to a pro-Obrador meeting and implied that you do not need to be the sitting president to feel like the real president. Calderon was not amused, the more so that Obrador party was trashed, TRASHED, by the Mexican voters at midterm elections, tied in large part of the never ending Obrador circus, a sore loser if ever there was one.

Understandably Calderon, who had to endure the rudeness of the Obrador sabotage for three years, a sabotage that certainly weakened him as he had to face real daunting tasks from drug warlords to influenza pandemic, probably making matters worse than what they should have been, was not amused that Zelaya, who he has been backing fully, who he has invited and probably paid for every expense, who received him with all the honors due a sitting head of state as the sternest possible rebuke Mexico could give to the Honduras de facto government, went to support the loser and saboteur of Obrador. Zelaya was promptly dismissed and can forget about further help from Mexico.

Another case of truth being stranger than fiction.

But we also learn a lot about Zelaya. That he is a lout. That he is arrogant. That he thinks all is due to him. That he cannot be bothered with doing elemental home to know his host quirks. That Hondurans were, well, maybe right in kicking him out as Zelaya is clearly unfit to be president of anything. This single incident almost by itself validates the Honduras coup even though probably nobody will make a big fuss out of it. After all Zelaya is like a candle burning itself down faster and faster. Why rock the boat? We are already in August, elections might be as early as late October in Honduras....

-The end-

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