Sunday, September 06, 2009

Leopoldo Lopez, just another caudillo

I am getting a little bit tired of Leopoldo Lopez antics.

True, he works hard, he has charisma, he is willing to take risks. But he is also working for his own glory alone, as recent events show us.

The point is that after days of rumors, declarations and counter declarations he came out himself to say he was out of UNT and OK with it. the reason? Because he did not like the way UNT was managing the electoral organization for next year elections.

Let's pass on the silliness of such an excuse since it is more likely that Lopez could have more influence from inside UNT than outside where he will be just the front of another small group that thinks it's big. The fact of the matter is that Lopez personal ambition wrecked the rise of Primero Justicia in 2007 which has not been the same since Leopoldo left it to join UNT. Now, as he cannot gain the control of UNT, he bails out to dedicate himself to work for his "redes pupulares".

This is not the place to decide whether the "redes populares" are the way to go to unseat Chavez: they could well be. Nor it is the place to discuss whether there is any worth to the PJ or UNT labels and the wisdom of Lopez to bail out. Though we can point out to his overall negative effect within these two groups.

The point is that Leopoldo Lopez everyday looks suspiciously more and more like a Chavez himself. True, with nicer words, more education, better management skills, but a Chavez nevertheless. Or a caudillo to be more gentle: that race of folks who are "my way or the highway". I do not know about you, but after 10 years of a relentless caudillo I have a hard time jumping in the band wagon of another one.

-The end-

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