Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poll result

The first poll using the blogger feature now closed automatically after 6 days with 189 answers.

IT was for fun and there is no need for significant commenting.  We must still note that the faith and trust in governmental numbers is so low that the winning option was the fudging of data one (the last one).

The other noticeable thing is that for a blog that has been repeatedly excoriated by the PSF world, assuming that reading it was a mark of intellectual weakness and what not, there are 10% of replies for the first option, the pro Chavez one.  Must we assume that 10% of the readers are closeted chavistas?  Or just some readers making fun of the poll?

At any rate, I promise you not to make this polling gadget a frequent figure, and to keep the final results at the bottom of the blog after a couple of days of the poll completion. Unless polls start making the page to long to download.


  1. Completely OT but does Exito have any thing to do with election year?

    Also, why do I have to prove I'm human after years of communicating with you via this blog?

  2. glenn

    why do you need to prove you are a human? i have no idea why you say that. unless you have not realized that we are not on haloscan anymore....

    PS: i do not ask people for their real name, just for a distinctive name so it makes it easier to reply in a thread.

  3. Oil is at $75 USD.
    Hugo is not happy.

  4. Boludo Tejano12:46 PM

    I initially wondered how many voters would follow the "vote early and vote often" rule of Chicago politics. I doubt it was an issue, because it appeared to me the results were fairly consistent from day to day.

  5. 1979 Boat People4:54 PM


    Iran students boycott exams to protest disputed election

  6. Charly6:44 PM

    Daniel you simply drafted option 1 in such a funny way that it was just irresistible voting for that one. Uh Ah!

  7. Happy Hugo:
    Venezuela oil 'may double Saudi Arabia'


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