Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chavez incredibly cheap pettiness on the US role in Haiti

One of the most amazing things to be heard in Caracas these days are the stupid, small minded, bitter, resentful words Chavez directs at the US rescue and help effort towards Haiti.  We have heard it all, even that the earthquake in Haiti was planned by the US so as to take over Haiti.  Weil cartoon in Tal Cual today says it all, almost:

1) The role of the US taking advantage of the Haiti tragedy is disgusting and an aberration.
2) They have taken control of the airport and the presidential palace!
3) (I wish I could have done the same)

What possesses Chavez, and Ortega and even Evo, all chiming on clue, to attack the gigantic and generous effort of the US (even with some occasional missteps)?  Considering that the US has already has Puerto Rico and Guantanamo, friendly relations with Panama, Mexico and Dominican Republic, it is more than enough to ensure US security in the region at a much lesser cost than taking over Haiti as a colony.

The thing here is that the professed hatred of the US is a self feeding psychological problem, inducing the practitioners into dream like trances where they get to make up things.  It is also called delirium, some times of the tremens variety depending on what they accompany it with.

I , for one, have rarely be so embarrassed by Chavez words than with this anti US rant.  Almost as if Chavez would like to see looting and violence run free in Haiti to blame it on, who else?, the US.  Chavez and his acolytes are indeed evil, worthy recipients of the worst voodoo curses we could come up with.


  1. Now, now Daniel. Don't be bitter. Chavez didn't say the U.S. planned the earthquake so that it could occupy Haiti; far from it. He said the earthquake was caused by U.S. weapons tests off the coast of that country and that the weapons were being tested prior to their use in Iran, not Haiti.

    Obviously, the United States intends to steal the vast riches of Haiti, as she plans to do with the oil riches of Venezuela and Iran.

    I would comment further on the truthfulness of el Presidente's comments, but the orderly just brought my meds.

  2. You are right Dan, Chavez did not say that the earthquake was in order to take Haiti. That was the only thing left unsaid as all the "evidence" was presented, evidence interestingly not even confirmed by the very own seismographs of Venezuela.....

    Can I have some of your meds?

  3. Sorry, Daniel, I need all I can get these days. However, I seem to recall from back in the late 1990s when we were on our boat in Puerto la Cruz and then in Puerto Cabello that Cacique works miracles. I hope it's still available.

  4. No Cacique for me. I am still in recovery and as of this week only I am allowed an occasional glass of wine.

  5. I lived in Haiti from 1969 to 1973. At that time we were worried about the possibility of a Cuban takeover. Someone asked Fidel Castro about that possibility, and he responded "who, in his right mind, would want that responsibility?" Haiti is worse off today! Haiti is a failed country, and always has been such. The only export it has is Haitians.

  6. amieres12:28 AM

    Bocaranda gives us a clue of why Chavez is so angry:

    Apparently a Cuban-Venezuelan company(sic) started building an airport in Haiti which no longer will be allowed by the US:

  7. ConsDemo7:01 PM

    Chavez also claimed that US Marines were shooting looters, absent any evidence. Then again, Chavez never needs any evidence, he "just knows."

    The rational is pretty easy to see, Chavez wants to be seen as leading the Vanguard against the imperialist wave, defending Latin American sovereignty and so forth. Therefore he has to hype the US "threat" at every turn.

  8. It's a sign of extreme desperation; when the kind of borderline personality that Chavez has undergoes severe pressure it starts to crack and the latent psychosis underneath starts to take hold... I think that's a welcome development, on balance!


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