Friday, February 12, 2010

"Cubazuela" in French

I seem to never learn. So I translated Tuesday Petkoff editorial in French for Agoravox. Any help from the French speaking here is welcome. If anything to vote for the article and my comments.....


  1. If you read the comments you will notice that only one, so far, of the French hard core leftists banging me addresses, tangentially, the Cuban colonization. All the other ones repeat exactly the same leitmotiv anti US lines, apparently approved as the standard reply on any article where Chavez is not glorified.

    In a sick way, it is impressive.

  2. Verga, Daniel, tú sí eres masoquista.
    I just saw in The Economist a chart comparing different nation's attitude towards capitalism. France is way, way, way to the left. But th funny thing is that in reality a lot of France's wealth is derived still from very brutal colonialism in such places as congo and other parts of Africa, plus more normal, more kosher capitalism.
    But what most French lefties do is to nag and nag on the US Americans.

  3. Charly1:00 PM

    Daniel, posting an article on Agoravox? Mai, mai, you like polemics, lots of fascists flying around that site like flies on a t*rd. Good luck. With that kind of crowd, a good insult is preferable to a debate that goes nowhere, at least it spoils their day.

  4. 1979 Boat People1:28 PM

    “Venecuba”, a single nation

    Some comments about this article would shock you.

  5. Those sheep are indeed well herded.

  6. Off topic somewhat: A significant article in the Economist this week - their second in a month - with a very similar title to Petkoff's. Could this be the beginning of Big Media no longer feeling inhibited writing the truth about Chavez? Will be waiting for further signs.

  7. gatorgab6:15 PM

    Daniel - I do not read French very well, so I will not comment directly on your article. But I am very familiar with the whole PSF phenomena here in the US with our "Dear Leader" as well (I know you don't agree). But off-topic, I wanted to give your readers a heads up about where they can go to see live RCTV International feed. It is:

    Now that Globovision may be "tweaking" their editorial slant, it is good to have an undiluted venting place for anti-chavistas.

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Well thank you very much, I posted a comment and it only took them 2 minutes to trol back, who are these guys???

  9. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Cubazuela sounds a lot more dignified than Suela'e'cuba (Cuban shoe sole), though I think given who's on top, the second name is better.

  10. Daniel: It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Though Im not sure this site is worth the trouble. How you can get Sex,Drugs and the FARC, Taliban, Irak and even the Church all in one post? But it does have a positive view. On the other hand, I have only met one Latino who liked Chavez and most are here because their country is not much better. Ever wonder why many French came to Canada?

  11. These characters are not worth debating.They are like talentless artists who can only relate different colors through the use of a black line.In their case the black line is always : US imperialism.

    They need to learn that intelligence only begins with humility.

  12. Charly10:51 AM

    Went back to these Agoravox comments. Pathetic! Daniel you are putting up a good fight. However I hope that the reaction expressed here to your article does not represent the typical reaction of the so-called "Français moyen" (typical Frenchman). It displays so much ignorance. One of the favorite discussion between Frenchmen used to be on how Americans were ignorant of events occurring outside their borders. Looks like the Agoravox crowd is not much better, maybe worse because they still have opinion despite this ignorance. Daniel, unless you are masochist, there should be a better site for posting than that one since your main aim is to inform and there doesn't seem to be much room to inform on that site. "Perles aux cochons". Kepler is giving you a good support though.

  13. Charly

    I am running now about ten articles there and in the international section my articles are the ones getting the most comments from readers :)

    I am thus kind of stuck now there, waiting for the social democrats, who run the site and who try to make sure it does not become an extreme idiot left joint, to promote me :)

    The thing is that now Liberation and le Monde are clear about what is going on with Chavez. articles are not needed there, they are needed in the dragon's mouth, such as Agoravox. Observe one thing: i publish, they do not because they cannot put up a good article. hence their anger directed at the comments section, just as it happens in the English language blogosphere.

  14. Boludo Tejano11:27 AM

    By coincidence, last night I met someone whose great uncle is the cook/owner of a high-level French restaurant.

  15. Charly12:27 PM

    Looks like like your social-democrat friends are in a bind. They sure need your help since you have pretty well managed to keep that plague at bay yourself. All my congratulations

  16. Charly,

    Shall we try to convince the unconvincable? Look at oil wars, and the inevitable useless circles it whirls around on,going nowhere year after year.Oil Wars is now merely a vent for our aggressions and frustrations.Commentators get to call each other names like: " shit for brains", "moron"," imperialist pig","escualida", jack ass, "whore" etc etc.

    An objective argument would essentially require parties to give some ground based on real arguments.These people use arrogance and insults to argue with, not mutuality, and there is no guidance coming from " above" to change that.No defense of the civil.

    One would have to be a miracle worker to get even the most obvious ideas into these people's heads.

    Simply being right doesn't mean a single solitart thing to them.They are religious fanatics and this means that 'who' you are and what you associate with is more important than realistic arguments.If we are not lefties then we are not " saved" and there is no more to it.

    I believe we can "help" only those who are open to help..I know that I don't learn when I am not open.This is true for us all.

  17. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Cubazuela? How about "Cubaven S.A." ? ah sadly would not go over well in the "socialist" circles(tongue in cheek). Perhaps too "commercial" sounding, even if the S.A. stands for "Socialist Adventure"?

    p.s. Worthwhile effort, but really posting it there.... you're a brave man Daniel

  18. 1979 Boat People11:49 PM

    Chavez Creates Venezuela’s “Youth Front” to Battle Capitalism’s Ills

    Thugo Chavez is robbing the GOLDEN YEARS of these young kids. This is a crime. Venezuelans should never forget and forgive this criminal.

  19. Charly12:45 AM

    Firepigette: Like Daniel wrote in response to my latest comment,there are two side to the story, that is first the story and second the comments. The most important in the case of Oil Wars is that the blog writer, OW has been struck by a lightning on the road to Damascus and, horror, is slowly turning into a Chavez critic. But yet plenty of parasites, clueless cucaracha, slave revolt etc. still hang around trying to push their troglodyte agenda on OW blog (Daniel is going to curse me for that as he does not want his blog to be a lightning rod for that scum). What sort of argument do you want to debate with those half breed. The question is: what caries the message, the blog or the comments? Anyone can write a comment. So what?


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