Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Internet censorship starts in earnest in Venezuela

Chavez words threatening Noticiero Digital did have their effect fast.

Self Censorship

Noticias 24, the other big forum decided on its own to stop comments in some of its posts, at least those of a political nature.  Self censorship at its best!  ND has not stopped yet though they decided to reply to the government mentioning that a comment section is an impossible thing to moderate with a site of such traffic.

Legal eagles

The attorney general, infamous Luisa Ortega who already a few months ago within a few hours of Chavez wish offered a proposal to regulate freedom of expression reiterated today her wish to muzzle the Venezuelan people.  This time around, remembering her ridicule then as her proposal went nowhere, she asked the Nazional Assembly to legislate.  For good measure she also said that she sent a certain Linda Montero to investigate Noticiero Digital.

The usual sycophants

The Venezuelan Communist Party was quick to offer its support to control Internet.  Imagine that!

Aristobulo Isturiz chimed in saying that Internet Web pages should be subjected tot he same rules than broadcast media.  You know, those rules that allow the government to close any media they do not like.

And to make sure we got the point Chavez received today in great fanfare the last communist fossil of Europe, Belarus Lukashenko.

I am sure I can find more fascinating links but you get the point.


  1. Censorship has arrived to internet indeed. Even Miguel has turned on moderation of comments in his blog.

  2. Bridge11:51 AM

    I have the idea Noticias24 did that once already after some trouble - 2 years ago ???? ... and than quietly restarted it ...

  3. alek

    miguel censoring? i think not...

  4. Is it just me or does it seem like a really soon announcement after the arrival of Ramiro Valdes from Cuba? Can Chavez not even pretend to not work for Cuba or at least need their spooks?


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