Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's hear it for Cuba and the Damas de Blanco

Today the Cuban Security forces, already well known for the excellent medical care they provide hunger strikers to make sure they painfully know they are near death have decided to beat up a small march of pacific women dressed in white, including the mother of one of these noble hunger strikers.  Cowardly, as it is becoming the norm in Venezuela, they launched first public employees protesting the interference of the US in Cuban matters and ended up in brutal repression.  All was very spontaneous, of course, people coming to harass the Damas de Blanco carrying walky talkies to make sure the world knew of the odious International Intervention though a bunch of aging women.

Since it is lent I think that it should not be difficult for the readers of this blog to sign a petition which started today and already got 15,000 people.  The Castro do not give a damn but they care.  Do your bit by signing HERE.


  1. 1979 Boat People9:36 PM

    I can not read Spanish but do my best to sign the petition.

    Each time i read news about the Castro regime, my blood boiled and get more angry at those lefttists who wordship the Castros.

  2. boat

    you can actually chose your language. where it says español click and seek english. or vietnamese, who knows....

  3. gatorgab12:31 AM

    Daniel - even Pedro Almodovar signed the peition. I signed it a couple of days ago too. The situation in Cuba is so depressing and deplorable. I feel so badly for my aunt and cousin, although we send money to make their lives much better than the vast majority of other cubans. Toilets don't work, water runs intermittently (if at all!), and electricity so unreliable that instead of "apagones" (blackouts) - they now refer to "iluminaciones" (illuminations). At least my people still have a sense of humor...


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