Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charlabamos con el Presidente Chavez and other misteps of Cristina "cocotte" Fernandez de Kirchner

Yesterday was as bad as one could fear it would.  A monstrous military parade was used to celebrate a most civilian event.  All was late on schedule, all was designed to please Chavez, including him wearing his new disguise of a special military uniform.  El Tiempo de Bogota gives a deserved review of the day, Colombians not being able to even respect Venezuela yesterday.  Heck, Venezuelans did not even respect themselves, why should El Tiempo do it?  this was not Venezuela day, it was another step in Chavez personality cult with the usual hanger-ons paid for (though one wonders what was Leonel Fernandez of Dominican republic doing there?)

The speech of Argentina's president was as vapid and out of place and context as one could be afraid it would.  As a cheap Peronista of mafia like agreements with Chavez she certainly did not disappoint Chavez.  She spoke of all but Venezuela, and some of her rare historical comments were actually historically wrong.  What could you expect from a woman who in such an historical occasion says "we were chatting with President Chavez".  I mean, you certainly were at some point during the day but you do not say that at the tribune of the National Assembly of the country when you are the controversial keynote speaker of the momentous day!  But that is exactly what Chavez wanted, trivialization of the 19 de abril and people like me wasting time on the woman that Manuel Caballero justly nicknamed "cocotte", in French a silly woman that pretends to be as elegant and perfumed as possible.  It is also a double entendre as "cocotte" means stink.  Indeed, what we saw yesterday was the stench of failed leaders but successful thugs trying to find together new justifications for their hold on power at the expense of their people.

Updated: read the Simon Boccanegra today.


  1. I read the speech before I read your post (I have a longer version that I am sending to you by email, Daniel - post it if you want, but it doesn't add much), and the word I too came up with was "vapid." She comments on how Vietnam has been around 1000 years, and then says "cuando sucedía Vietnam yo era una estudiante, era muy joven". Ummmm, if Vietnam has been around that long, it didn't just "happen", and certainly not when you were young (unless that Botox hides more years than we think).

    She spends more time talking about the stupid Malvinas than Venezuela. She says "lo que define la libertad de los pueblos, la construcción de nuestras sociedades, es el valor y el coraje que tengan sus ciudadanos para defender los sagrados derechos de la libertad y de la igualdad", but doesn't try to argue that those derechos are represented in Venezuela. Curious, no?

    One repeatable phrase, though: "yo le dije [a Hugo] que eso podía ser para él y sus interminables discursos". :D

  2. 1979 Boat People10:49 AM

    Check out the picture in the link below.

    Cristina Kirchner and Cuban President Raul Castro arrived in Venezuela


    She is ....TOO SWEET.... under Chavez arm, isn't she?

  3. AIO

    To tell you the truth I did not listen to the speech. When I turned on the radio (I was on the road) it was exactly t the moment she said the sentence above. Just with that there was no point listening further.

    And of course, it is rude and selfish to use Venezuela's holiday to promote the Malouines issues (I am so French, am I not?). Waht does she expect? Chaevz using his Sukhois against Britain?

  4. The most horrible parade I have seen EVER! It was like those terrible school things that just happen to like the parents (just because their little ones are the ones parading!)

    A especial note for the 'Rockettes', ahem!! I mean the Belorussians soldiers. They danced so nice! As a dear common friend says, it was a shame to march after their act! We needed some soldiers dancing THRILLER!

    The 200 year celebration was so lame, that today's papers headlines are more about the suicide of the infamous 'inca valero'.

  5. 1979 Boat People12:16 PM

    "Vietnam has been around for 1000 years?"

    This woman needs to check Vietnam history before mentioning it in her speech.

  6. liz

    hummmm... i dunno... there was that parade with a float depicting the vargas disaster of 1999.... with rancho, cerro and nazional guard team.

  7. 1979BP, my mistake, as I was focusing on the other aspects of that comment - 1000 years since Hanoi was founded, not Vietnam. I still say that "cuando Vietnam sucedia" is pure inanity. Or stupidity.

    Daniel, good choice to turn it off. I have no excuse for not knowing enough to not read the thing myself. I don't know exactly what she expects from Venezuela on the issue, but whatever it is, it falls into the category of fantasy. Either about what Hugo might do, or the impact it will have. Makes no difference.

  8. Roger8:35 PM

    Meanwhile back in the Argentine Courts there there is a glimmer of hope http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100420/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/lt_argentina_last_dictator
    Im sure those who lost loved ones to this guy are saying "too little too late". How long will it take to bring the latest XXI century crop neo-dictators to justice?

  9. I always get a kick out of how Chavez likes to divided Latin America into two camps "bolivariano" and "lackeys for imperialism. In truth, leaders like Garcia, Pinera and Uribe focus mainly on governing their own countries. Obviously Colombia has a close relationship with the US, the others could hardly be described as any sort of group. The leftists, seem to get together every month the play grab ass and compliment themselves for one reason or another. It is really a rather pathetic spectacle. One wonders what the average citizens think of their leaders darting off to these chavista fanfares every month. Then again, maybe it doesn't matter since, with the possible exception of Argentina, they all think they can stay in power as long as they want, so why care what their public thinks?

  10. 'el venezolano dijo en público en referencia a Cristina Kirchner; "Nunca conocí una persona tan modesta."'

    Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Modest? Her? I don't even think SHE would list that as one of her qualities!

  11. Milonga1:57 PM

    Off topic: Did you read this? http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/apr/09/venezuela-hugo-chavez#start-of-comments I think The Guardian should be thrashed daily for allowing that kind of stuff to be printed! Disgusting! As to CFK speech, that woman is a joke and should be treated as such. Only Chavez would call her to make a speech! Evo's homophobic comments yesterday also deserve a post. My God! How low can we get with these Latin American presidents!

  12. Milonga

    Again, I am repeating myself.

    Comments is free is the section where the Guardia allows all the loony left to express itself. It does not make it on the printed edition and thus it allows the Guardian to have a more serious printed section. Everyone is happy, the loonies get to say that the Guardian supports them, even if only in the net, and the Guardian gets to prove from its printed edition that it is a serious objective paper.

    In other words, it has been a long time I stopped participating in the Guardian Comments is Free section.


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