Monday, April 12, 2010

Chavez dysfunctional reality

Nothing but a Weil cartoon of Chavez regal bed to illustrate the dysfunction that has settled in Chavez brain.  He signed over a week ago a multi billion dollar contract for semi outdated Russian weapons.  On the other hand Planta Centro, one of the basic staples of electricity generation in the country has stood idle last week.  Why?  Because in 11 years of tenure the Chavez administration has been unable to perform the basic maintenance and probably now, pressed by the electricity crisis, forced the debilitated plant to produce more than what it was able to do.  Break down?  Or some other feel good tall tale that chavismo will try to feed us?  You know, like sabotage. 

We have been told that the situation is under control, that the government is fulfilling its objectives and yet, YET!, last week we were told at work that electricity power outs would go from 2 hours a week to 6 hours, in two shift, effectively shutting us down for two half days a week.

Yeah, right, everything under control, worry not, be happy, GDP up in 2010!

 PS: I drive in front of Planta Centro at least once a month.  In the last ten years NEVER have I seen two smokestacks working at once, even less the three of them.  Who do they think they are fooling besides the idiotic part of the chavista base?


  1. Daniel,

    I have recently noticed that you have been publishing some of your articles in both Spanish and English.

    Are you trying to attract lightning?


  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    The real test will be when Guri and other water levels rise. If electricity production fails to increase, then Chavez has been badly negligent in maintaining electricity production. Continued blackouts mean a permanent reduction in Venezuela's GDP, fewer jobs, more poverty, more unrest, and more crime.
    And, of course, bigger lies from the big mouth.

  3. dan

    one is either engaged or not. if ever there was a need for me to start writing in spanish it is now. besides i am sure that i will be in good company when they throw me in jail.

  4. Daniel,

    i am sure that i will be in good company when they throw me in jail.

    If not you, then your cell mates perhaps.


  5. Just please do not even have a camera in the car when you drive by Planta Centro. That's how the 8 Colombians got nailed, one of them took a picture near Camatagua, and the rest you now know.


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