Friday, July 09, 2010

Manuela Saenz symbolic perfume to hide the smell of rotten food

Newspaper: Thousand of tons of rotten food at PDVAL
Red shirted State TV anchor person:  Good morning friends, today we will dedicate all of our programing to the symbolic remains of Manuela Saenz

When I started writing on the rotten food of PDVAL I was mentioning in outrage that maybe 20,000 tons of food were lost, instead of finding its way to the poor as it was the original objective.  Now some reports give that total up to 150,000.....

What the government should have done by now is to launch a real investigation and the major responsible for this disaster, Rafael Ramirez, should not only have been fired from PDVSA and the government but should be defending himself in a court of justice.

But nothing of the sort is happening, Ramirez keeps wrecking the Venezuelan economy while promoting generalized corruption everywhere to make sure his boss remains in office.  And the government tries to find the silliest excuses to try to distract public opinion, from the arrest of fake terrorist, to symbolic remains of Manuela Saenz deposited at the Pantheon of Caracas.


  1. Asdrubal Chavez has long been in charge of PDVAL.

  2. Apparently the lost food could go as high as 500,000 tons.
    According to a report by PDVAL they imported 700,000 tons but only distributed 190,000, the rest were sent to Cuba or were let to rot in different places.


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