Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A reminder of the immense wisdom of Chavez and the extreme sycophancy of his hanger on

From my latest French post a reader reminded us about this video where Chavez states that human species is 25 centuries old and some French supporter taken aback cannot muster the courage to correct him.  First he says that no, we are more than 20 centuries and then when Chavez states 25 he just accepts it.  Think about Chavez and Andreina Monday night, this was no accident....  there is nothing worse than an ignorant that thinks he knows it all.   PS: by the way, I never heard of that François ever again.  Maybe he knows better now.

I think I posted it once upon a time but it bears re-posting.

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  1. Gogo Fadaises5:54 AM

    Eh, eh, eh, that was me!

    Gogo Fadaises est très populaire in certain French circles. Look:

    and I remember Jean-Luc Mélenchon once saying "what we need is someone like Chavez".

    You might be able to unload him to the French!

    Then to paraphrase le professeur Choron (I think it was): "En France on n'a pas de pétrole. On a eu des idées. On n'en a plus. Mais on a Gogo Fadaises!"


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