Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Silly pro anti Chavez poll at the Guardian

Do not miss this chance for your daily fluff.  You have two hours left to vote.


  1. the english who support him are a bunch of dumb cunts

  2. Juan Cristobal4:37 PM

    Huh? This was settled last Sunday: 48% of Venezuelans are chavistas, 52% are anti-Chavez.

    Does The Guardian want to keep polling people until they get the answer they want?

  3. terrance

    i was wondering whether to erase your comment but the fact of the mater is that i do not know how offensive your word is in England compared to the US....

    can anyone advance a nuance?

  4. juan

    yeah, but in the UK he is losing right now 70 to 30.....

  5. Coming from England, I can tell you that the word is just as offensive - but I'm sure your readers are pretty broad-minded :-)

    If the Guardian moved to the left any more, it would fall off the edge - and don't forget, Weisbrot writes for it - enough said!

    Poll is now 80/20 against - keep voting!

  6. Chamo Daniel:

    Esa palabra es vulgar en el extremo.

    Es la manera mas ofensiva de describir a una mujer.

    Se usa tambien para denominar el aparato reproductivo femenino,pero en el sentido usado en el comentario es lo peor que hay.

    He visto gente perder uno o dos dientes a causa de esa palabra.

  7. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Daniel, the word is equal in all the english speaking lands... equal in intention, equally offensive.

    marc in calgary

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM

    FWIW I voted twice. Once through CANTV and through a proxy. Gotta love the Cubans to teach us how to get around the government bans on wordpress etc.

    Guardian comments are classic and remind me:

    Sky 1 (Ricky Gervais) just released a series called an idiot abroad about a British twit who has never left the country, has no passport, but knows all about the rest of the world.

  9. Anonymous7:19 PM

    The 'expletive' in the United Kingdom is actually of a magnitude greater than in the U.S. It's really very derogatory especially to women.
    I know for that is where I was born and raised.
    Even living in the U.S. for more than thirty years I perhaps only heard it uttered two or three times leaving me to abstain from having further close contact with the user. And believe me I'm no prude.

  10. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Terrance is right,

    Nothing worst than people in a 1st world country defending 3rd world country regimes, just because it pleases their ignorance.

    I am all out of thumbs to bite at them!

  11. snook729:23 PM


    So what now? It seems from what I have been reading that Chavez will likely ask for special powers to pass laws as he wishes. What then? This is getting ridiculous.

  12. Milonga10:26 PM

    Final toll: 84,6% Chavez is a Dictator... Not counting my vote, 'cause read your note too late. I'm loving this!

  13. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Another anon mentioned proxies, and I think it'd be very useful if you guys start teaching venezuelans how to use one. You know, just in case the shit hits the fan.

    Here's a link that explains a bit about proxies and lists a whole bunch of them:

    Though they're not strictly proxies in the geek sense of the word (they are websites that redirect content from other websites).

    You can find lots of real (in the geek sense) proxies here:

    The difference between the proxies in the first list and the second is that the first list leads you to a website that asks you the url you want to visit. You just input that, click on "surf the web" and everything else is done automatically. The proxies in the second list require you to reconfigure your web browser, and require you to understand terms like IP, port, SOCKS, and things like that.

  14. When I first saw the poll, Chavez had 55%, so I wrote a tweet: Extra, Guardianistas, none of which vote in Venezuela, give Chavez a landslide!

    Imagine my surprise when Jon Jakubowicz, director of the extraordinary film Secuestro Express, took issue with my tweet in Spanish (retweeted by Bocaranda), where I said "Radicales de Aporrea inglesa (The Guardian) dan mayoria al caudillo", and replied saying it was ridiculous to compare The Guardian with Aporrea, apparently because they former is nearly 200 years old and has supported democratic candidates. But my greatest surprise came this morning, when Jon seems to have deleted all tweets about The Guardian from his page, together with my replies.


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