Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Venezuelan elections in French

I could not resist and wrote for Agoravox  an article in French with table included.  The mood among the "gauchistes" is at pitch fork level!!!!


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Daniel, I may not always like the style of your posts (which, by the way, I still read every day!) but honestly, you deserve a prize for posting at Agoravox.

    It takes courage and patience to read some of the reader comments.


  2. Way to poke'em in the eye Daniel!

    I sent the link to my brother to share with his wife (who is French). I wish I could hear her reaction.

  3. Mike. E.10:50 AM

    Aporrea isn't happy

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Vous ne faites pas du journalisme mais de la politique.
    Quand on connaît le Venezuela et la réalité on se demande si vous travaillez pour la CIA.
    Est-ce le cas? soyez franc!
    Je n'ai pas d'opinion sur Chavez mais j'ai compris que vous déformez une réalité bien plus complexe. Quel sont-vos intérêts? Pour qui travaillez-vous?

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    from de Clermont: My dear Daniel, you must be an ultra-conservative Catholic. Your insistence to post in AgoraVox is the most obvious representation of self-flagellation; you certainly receive no love there. I read many of the comments and they are beyond troglodyte given the complete blind devotion to the Chavez cause. If it were not so shockingly pathetic it could be humourous, this popular adulation for him just because he crudely snubs his nose at the established order.

  6. anonyme en français

    et vous êtes franc vous? même pas capable de vous créer un pseudonyme....

    je vous réponds néanmoins comme cela mes lecteurs pourront apprécier ici même le floatsam qui vient des extrêmes d'agoravox.

    je n'ai qu'une chose à vous dire: si vous savez pour qui je travaille, soyez gentil et dites leur de m'envoyer mon chèque. ça fait 7 ans qu'ils me l'ont promis et je n'ai toujours rien reçu.

  7. Bridge1:28 PM

    The left in Germany and The Netherlands have exactly the same kind of comments as these French .... blind adoration just because Chavez calls himself Socialist ...
    And always also : in the US , in Germany, in Holland it is not better than in Venezuela... they do it also ...
    No knowledge of the country Venezuela - and often just like little children who reply to the teacher: But John did it also

  8. As soon as you piss off a communist, they automatically say you work for the CIA. Its like a default setting or something.
    Communists...chavistas...They're all sheep without an original thought! Baaaaa!

  9. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I wish you could write somethig for the Huffington Post!

  10. Charly3:35 PM

    Bravo Daniel, en plein dans le mille, mais quel courage (ou inconscience) d'aller se mettre dans un nid de frelons fachos comme celui-là. Et quelle pauvreté de réplique des lecteurs. Pauvre gauche, réduite à s'accrocher aux basques du nouveau messie, un militaire raté en plus, aucune vergogne chez ces gens.

  11. Charly3:37 PM

    Anonymous, don't kid yourselve, Chavez is the established order.

  12. huffington anonymous

    ask them to ask me :)

  13. The Cavern Myth Company7:56 PM

    Just Confess Daniel,We pay your salary.

    Sincerely the CIA...

  14. That is a hard site to write for Daniel. Im not sure these guys grasp what is going on in the EU much less the world. I think that you have to put it in term that they can understand such as Sarcozy comparing himself to Napoleon and the digging him up just like Chavez has done with Bolivar. Hell if your going to get French Fried, compare Ingrid Bentancourt to Jean d"Arc! Did you know that latter Purcell speaks English? BTW what is Gringo in French?

  15. Milonga10:40 PM

    Oh! Couldn't believe my eyes! These guys are pathetic!! Unless you adore Chavez, you belong to the CIA... I wonder how long these pseudo "intellectuals" would last living under Fidel or Chávez! I never laughed so much as reading some comments! Sorry I can't write French so I could place my own!!


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