Sunday, November 28, 2010

Police Violence in Venezuela

The repressive nature of the regime can be clearly seen in the picture below.

Police brutality at a Caracas soccer game

You may wonder why I say that?  For many reasons.  One if the violent language of chavismo which eventually leads the police, tightly controlled by chavismo now, to believe that it can do as it pleases.  Think about the consequences for the future.

But also look closely at the picture: look at the fat policemen (4 are at least at or near obesity!), look at their grimaces, the scorn, the hormonal unleash.  What kind of trained police is that shit?

Look at their absolute disrespect for "property" as they have no qualm in destroying stadium seats even though I see no one around threatening them. After all chavistas tend to identify with baseball and opposition with soccer....

I have been a little remiss for now two months in the day to day accounts of Venezuela for a variety or reasons, but it does give me a certain clarity to perceive the essential, such as in this picture.  I do not know exactly the whys of the scenes and I understand that apparently the regime has been forced to at least call to order these "policemen".  But what would happen in the US or most European countries if such a scene had happened?  Think about that for a second, the more so if you are a chavista reading this post.

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  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Estos bichos son unos desgraciados, agarrando sillas para pegar al hombre. Lo mismo hicieron contra la manifestación en el metro, a golpes y empujones para hombres y mujeres. Que es esto? son SALVAJES La Maga Lee


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