Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy T-day!

Since, according to my counters, at least half of my beloved readers are travelling or getting ready to entertain as their turkey finishes the defrost cycle of their microwave, I decided that you probably could not care less about Eva Golinger and other assorted creeps.  So, let me wish you all a happy holiday and review what we can give thanks for, politically that is. In no particular order.

Eva Golinger can certainly give thanks for the fat check on her way after last night performance.  But other chavistas might not have as much to thank for as their micomandantepresidente is losing his marbles and the country is going bankrupt: where will they steal from next year?

The Venezuelan opposition has very little to thank for, but then again they did not work very efficiently for that.  At least they can be thankful that Chavez is losing his marbles and thus is making their job a tad easier.

The chavista voter has little to thank for as all the misiones are tanking and inflation is killing them.

The opposition voter can be thankful for, I suppose, if s/he did not get shot yet, if the business has not been "expropriado" yet, if the kids can now study overseas, that the closest grocery store is not a Mercal or an Abasto Bicentenario, etc, etc....

Cubans are thankful that the sucker in Caracas kept sending checks through the year.

Republicans can be thankful that they got Congress.

Democrats and Liberals can be thankful that they clung to the Senate and that there is no way Obama can be impeached.

But there is one guy that cannot be thankful for anything: Chavez.  He does not even have a documented failed assassination attempt that he could use to justify his paranoia.  And things are so bad that he finally decided to forbid using his personality cult imagery everywhere because he finally realized that people are associating him with all the unfinished and abandoned projects.....

And this blogger is thankful for all the readers that stuck with him in spite of a more erratic writing and much bitter mood than years past.  I mean it.

Have a good Thanksgiving!


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    merci a vouz

  2. Thanks for the wishes.My husband and I are very grateful to you as well.

    I have been quite ill for the past 3 months and sometimes moody myself, so it is good to remember the gift of life and of those with whom we share and the new day and all that is magical, wonderful, and possible in this world.

    Years dissolve,and governments tumble down raining crushed stone, but once again grasses will shimmer in the breeze, and plumed ponies will dance in dappled light,and drink from prismatic streams in a renewed hospice of light.

    And thus we carry on.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. I really enjoy reading this blog, Daniel. I'm thankful for YOU writing it! I'm not certain that you celebrate Thanksgiving, but here's wishing you a good Thanksgiving, as well!

  4. eldiver10:37 AM

    i am thankful that you are still with us and able to post your blog.

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Daniel we are thankful for you too for keeping us informed and sharing your views.

    I reckoned Chavez new imagery law was more a set up to punish MO for publishing cartoons making a fool of him, and other oppo media. It never occurred to me that anyone would take any pro government propaganda down. I don't think that will happen.

  6. Happy T-day to you too!

    I'm dying here for a pumpkin pie...

  7. 1979 Boat People7:16 PM

    Tokyo is top gourmet city in Michelin Guide

    Sushi anyone?

    Happy US T-G day to all.

  8. Liz,

    We are all so used to just opening a can. Buy a pumpkin and cut it into large chunks. Cook the chunks of pumpkin in boiling water for about twenty minutes. Then use your food processor or blender to make a puree of the cooked pumpkin.

    You can use the same pie recipe that comes on any can of store-bought pumpkin. Simply substitute the same volume of the pumpkin that comes in the can for your home-made pureed pumpkin. Voila!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  9. Charly11:10 PM

    Rumor has it that Sean Penn and Danny Glover are about to start a remake of "The bride of Dracula" with Eva Golinger in the title role. Happy thanksgiving to all.

    Daniel, watch out, Dracula is coming for bloggers now (dixit Bocaranda).

  10. Roy, you're a dear.

    Sadly, venezuelan pumpkin is not as creamy and rather bland in taste. I've tried it but no cigar! maybe I like the can taste...

    Usually somebody brings me a can from the States, but not this year. I will make an apple pie soon, but still miss the pumpkin one :(

  11. While I would never wish it to be, Obama can indeed be impeached. With respect, I don't think you understand how the process works. A president is impeached in the House and subsequently convicted in the Senate. An impeachment alone, as in the case of Clinton, does not mean removal from office.

  12. Jsb

    I was being facetious. No need to go into the details. I know how the system works. :)

  13. Thanksgiving was fine, now to serious bdnss, no not the mall, THE BIRDS! The dogs are going bat-guagno, they know the signs. It's time to head for the farm and get some real avian treats.

  14. Liz,

    Have you tried looking for canned pumpkin in 'El Rey David'?Or even a made-up pie there? Lee Hamilton's used to have a Thanksgiving dinner( don't know if they are still in business) but they might be able to help you.

    I know Auyama is too bland but adding some texture through fiber or starch, and putting lots of pumpkin pie spice might approximate it a bit more, though probably not well enough for your sophisticated taste buds.

    I am going to research mock pumpkin pie and send you a message on FB.

  15. And a happy Thanksgiving to you, as well. Though if you were defrosting a whole turkey in the microwave, it might well not have been.

    Roy, that method is a heck of a lot of work, but it does make a fine pie. In fact, I never really enjoyed a pumpkin pie at all until I did it that way. I'm no longer so picky, which plays in well to my laziness. Besides, my wife always wants to make pecan pie, and that certainly works for me.

    And off the Thanksgiving topic, at least we can be thankful that Weil might be exempt from the image law. If anyone wants to fight against him, they have to explain to the court why a boot = Chavez, while their actions would essentially be licking Chavez' boots. That would be amusing.

  16. cochonette en feu

    lee hamilton is still in business over thanksgiving but their pumpkin pie sucks. the only way i coudl swallow it las night was by pouring on top of it soem left over scotch. then it became quite edible....

  17. Daniel,

    I wonder if Hamilton's makes mock pumpkin pie?

    Scotch pumpkin pie actually exists and you discovered it by accident.jaja

  18. Daniel,

    I am sitting here in the dark. The power just went out for the fourth time today. It has been raining all day long. In fact, it has been raining for five days now.

    I am living in a country that is gradually becoming a communist dictatorship.

    Giving thanks here is getting harder and harder every year.

  19. You, being facetious? Of course, I should have known better. My bad. Hope you're doing well these days.


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