Sunday, December 19, 2010

Milagros Socorro monitoring Sur del Lago

Chucho Melean, walking cane and all
If you want to know what is going on in the Sur del Lago after the robbery sponsored by Chavez, follow on your twitter Milagros Socorro as she is getting ready to witness hero du jour , Chucho Melean, being taken into custody or something at 93 years of age.  Apparently the army is getting ready to make its move.

It is truly a sad day when a country uses its armed forces to rob citizens of their life's work, because in case you do not know, for the last year the regime has stopped paying any compensation for whatever it takes, letting you know you are lucky to take out your truth brush as you leave.  The cowardice of the regime is reaching new unsuspected lows.


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Here are Google Earth coordinates for Santa Barabara del Zulia:

    Latitude: 9 N
    Longitude: 71.90 W

  2. If I'm not mistaken Milagros is Zuliana!

  3. que triste vale

  4. Juan Cristobal12:05 PM

    Thanks for the heads up. That's some good reporting on the part of Socorro.


    DANNY, I know this off topic But chavez just lost a huge lawsuit here in the states!! 8 Billions dollar!!!


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