Sunday, December 19, 2010

The "bolivarian media" has some effectivity

Is Google becoming useless?  One may wonder.....  Or is it that the opposition media is just unable to put its act together?

A few minutes ago I was checking for the Venezuela news page and most items are led by pro Chavez news services or media.  Here is the inventory:

16 items mentioned

opposition: 4 El Universal, 1 El Nacional and 2 for a local paper El Tiempo of Puerto La Cruz (I rank this one opposition because outside the country neutrality is considered opposition).  That is a grand total of 6 leaders not compromised by chavismo.

the regime: AVN 4, RNV 2, Prensa Latina 2, VTV 1 and Correo del Orinoco 1.  The grand total is is 10.

10 to 6, what is the big deal you may say?  Well besides the 2 of Prensa Latina the other 8 all follow the common direction from the government.  El Universal and El Nacional although opposition do actually compete for readership and El Tiempo is for Puerto La Cruz alone.  All the Chavez media is "national" media, including TV (VTV) and the only radio station heard ALL ACROSS the country, RNV.  And did I mention that Prensa Latina is managed from Cuba?

Now, I have been observing that tendency for quite a while becasue I do not have my bookmarks section organized since I mostly use the automatic fill link fill up of Firefox or I go directly to the news to seek, say Globovision or Tal Cual.  I have noticed that Globovision is increasingly hard to find in the Venezuela news page, forcing me to rely more and more on Firefox automatic figure!!!!

In a way I am not too worried becasue anyone with a modicum of brains and education will discard quickly AVN which reads like badly written propaganda.  In fact, Aporrea is more interesting to read than AVN, and better written.  But the fact of the matter is that the incessant publication of shittyly written blurbs is crowding out better written news.  And it is affecting also the nature of what is written since for example in the 16 items covered none of them addresses the urgent situation in Zulia, which is probably the type of objectives the regime has in mind when it tries to manipulate search engines.

So imagine what will happen when the regime gets a single internet entry point and closes Globovision!!!!

So there you have it, I know nothing of Google inner works but if anyone has an idea or contacts, please let us know.  And if you have contacts with Venezuelan media, tell them to investigate some!


  1. Anonymous3:59 AM

    They're just filling the air waves. Volume will drown out the opposition.

  2. These are my top 5 google hits for "Venezuela News." I live in Spain and have the engine set for English. I thought maybe it was retrieving a list weighted by my prior visits (since you come up 1st and show 17 visits by me) but Venezuelanalysis is 2d with 0 visits from me. So, regional and language variations + prior visits?

    1. Venezuela News And Views - 17 visits - 12:35pm
    20 Dec 2010 ...

    2. | Venezuela News, Views, and Analysis
    News - Economy - Opinion & Analysis - Bolivarian Project

    3. - 4 visits -

    4 News for venezuela news (misc. newspapers)

    US Talks Tough On Venezuelan Rejection Of American Ambassador ...‎ - 23 minutes ago AHN | All Headline News - 425 related articles
    South American surge leaves Venezuela behind‎ - Montreal Gazette - 7 related articles - Shared by 5+
    Banco de Venezuela Selects FIS IST/Switch Platform‎ - Bradenton Herald

    5. -

  3. Gabriel


    I did forget to mention that my 2news search2 was in English, since I suppose I assumed that pulling out AVB and Prensa latina would have made that obvious :)

    Long ago, during the first year of V-anal, my blog beat them on search engines. But eventually their alleged news status and the sheer amount of "news" allowed them to edge over. Still, I was always close behind, me alone, while they had a boat load of activists writing. That is, since search engine also account for direct searches, more people were looking for my site directly than for venezuelanalisis :) Or so I understood but what do I know about the mysteries of search engines.....


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