Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yesterday's events as seen by Weil

Chavez/Emperor to Vader/Assembly: Destroy them!----Jedi/Oppo-reps: Let's save it!
Tal Cual is back on the street and thus Weil is back to regale us with some of the sharpest cartoons.  Today it is a Star War allegory on the brave opposition Jedi retaking the National Assembly for democracy.  Fabulous!


  1. Juan Cristobal4:01 PM

    That's brilliant stuff, not so much for the content, but for the drawing. Seen from a distance, Hugo's boot face could pass for a decent Emperor. And I loved the Darth Vader dome.

  2. JC

    Yeah, is it not?... I did not want to write it down waiting for another Star Wars nuts to bring it up. We are at least two it seems...


  3. Darth Vaders dismay :
    The oppos begin to say
    "No we will save it "

    the Darth Vader dome
    gives Chavez zombies a home
    woops there goes our jobs

    Beware evil domes
    Incompetent worker gnomes
    black holes will insue

    poetry on crack
    the Chavez zombies are back
    crack- whack- quack- hack- Sack


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