Friday, January 07, 2011

Chavismo is unable to escape its Manichean make up, or how to look at the world through red/green glasses

The National Assembly has gathered.  The opposotion is organizing itself.  There are several representatives of the opposition that stand alone in the new assembly, either because they run as independent supported or not by political parties, either because they run on their own local provincial party platform.  So, like any wise parliamentarian group, to have a little bit more weigh in at least organization matters of the assembly, they formed together the "independent group" consisting of 7 seats.  They also decided that for the first 6 months of its existence it will be led by Maria Corina Machado.

Anyone that knows a little bit of parliamentary history of the world not only understands that but also congratulates these representatives for the initiative.  Smart politics. I/we call it.

Everyone but chavismo, that is.  YVKE Mundial, the nation wide "private" pro Chavez network titles it report "the right divides in parliament" and goes on saying that in 2002 Machado had signed the Carmona decree and that she used SUMATE and US funds to discredit the Venezuelan electoral system.  All irrelevant, of course, but who is counting.

The state TV of course went even further suggesting that the new opinion group is actually breaking up with the opposition unity!  VTV titles "opposition representatives create their own group and 'se deslindan' of the MUD".  Deslindan is ambiguous usage here because it is not a formal break up but it can mean a strong separation.  As in when business partners "se deslindan" means that one of them is getting ready to buy out the other one.  It is stronger than we are autonomous, we are taking time off from each other, etc...  and the VTV note makes sure the term is not ambiguous by citing infamous Nolia who late this afternoon suggested that Machado et al were betraying the MUD who elected them, implying that they got there ony because of the MUD....

This little scene is worth reporting because it really betrays the mental state of chavismo today.  In no particular order:
  • They are desperate for any, ANY sign that the opposotion would break down.  Which of coruse betrays their very own insecurities about the PSUV representatives....
  • They are unable to see nuances: all opposition representatives are right wing, all think the same, even if people of that new group such as Graterol, Cocchiola and Machado are widely different in their approach to politics!  Chavismo simply is unable to grasp that!
  • Of course it also betrays that they are sick at the idea of having to share anything, even if it is only micro time at the Assembly offices.
  • They are disconcerted by the MUD since contrary to chavismo, it is a nebulous leadership.  People like Nolia, so infatuated and subordinated to Chavez, simply cannot comprehend that the MUD has no strong leader and thus like the YVKE journalist must resort to alleged Machado links to find her real leader.  Fro them the NED, Connie Mack and Obama are just the same thing and Machado gets her daily marching orders everyday.  It just has to be like that for chavismo, they cannot understand another way to be in politics.
And more, but you guys get the point.


  1. Maybe someday Maria Corina will attain international recognition as a beacon of freedom in a country without it, as is Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi.

  2. Chavez is a European name. All latin is European. Latin America is European, like it or not. Maria Corina is also European like it or not, it is the utter truth.


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