Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chavez has become a scarecrow for basically anything....

And of course, some conservatives nuts are the best at using Chavez now that they are deprived of the old commies and gay are shouting back. Barackuo Obamez, geez, the creativity....


  1. Charly9:10 AM

    Sorry to disappoint you Daniel but Addison Wiggin and The Daily Reckoning are not conservative nuts but rather libertarian nuts. If you are annoyed by what they write about Hussein B. Obama, you should have seen what they wrote about Dubya Bush when he was at the helm, nothing to compare.

  2. Charly

    I say conservative you say libertarian, but the fact of the matter is that they are a marginal bunch of creativeless nutcases. As such they can all be dumped together with Chavez and Ahmadinejerk and Castro in the idiocy of their comparisons. Extremes tend to meet, you know :)

  3. Charly9:51 AM

    Daniel, totally disagree with you, one of their favorite weapon is irony, they just displayed it in the article. Nothing to do with Chavez and the other jerk. In fact these two jerks have been some of their favorite targets over the years. They do not spare anyone in power and that is good. Among others, these guys have warned against the subprime since about 2004-2005 and have advised stocking gold since 2002. They sure know what they are doing contrary to Mr Obama.

  4. to compare:To examine in order to note the similarities OR differences of.Compare does not mean equate.You can make a partial comparison.

    You can compare in terms of types of thought( left thinking for example) , leaving out the 'extent' of this comparison.This article is valid as a comparison, though it could be quite misleading.

    The conservatives AND the Democrats are both' nuts'.They loathe to look at the real issues.

    The problem we have here in the US is similar in some ways( not in all ) to Venezuela's problem in the sense that we are becoming increasingly polarized and Obama would like to take the country down a much more government controlled path.When campaigns start their idiocies, exaggerated and rash statements that are intended to mislead only magnify and grow.

    For example, instead of talking about the real issue which is not' poor vs rich' as some Dems try to make us think it is( Chavez style), nor is it that our economy depends on jobs, and jobs are provided by the rich( as some conservatives say it is) is really about the tax laws that need to be totally overhauled, as a more efficient tax code would increase economic activity, generating more revenue.But then if we overhauled the system we would eliminate the bitching, thereby eliminating the fervor built up for or against the Commies or the Nazis, or for or against the racist bigots vs the PC robots.

    It is not about de-funding the military OR Medicare, it is about cleaning both up to reduce unnecessary expenses.But the rhetoric runs to the extremes for the sake of anger and fear which primarily motivates voters, which in turn makes it hard to solve problems in the end because real issues were never talked about in the first place.This is the nature of politics, and this nature is the same wherever politics is allowed.

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I agree with Daniel Charly. No matter how prescient they have been in other instances, (not my type of reading), comparing Obama's USA with Chavez's Venezuela, even ironically, is beyond any congruent, logical or intelligent argument. They obviously don't understand the situation in Venezuela or what Chavez is really all about.

  6. If it helps you to differentiate, libertarians are not social conservatives (so there's no reason for "gays shouting back")and are against military intervention in foreign lands. I agree that the article isn't very creative. But libertarians, just so you know, aren't anything like conservatives. See Reason Magazine for a more "creative" libertarianism.

  7. jsb

    maybe i misread the article, maybe i am ignoring some of the nuances of the libertarian groups, but that particular piece sounded to me more tea partier than anything else.

    at any rate, thanks for the more creative link offered. i shall consult it.


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