Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Venezuelan electricity crisis summarized for Canada

Since it is Semana Santa in Venezuela, light writing to be expected around here.  So for your enjoyment a little summary of the electricity crisis in Venezuela for our dearest Canuck audience.


  1. Daniel, if you're interested, I could edit the articles you submit to the news media. This was very well written, but there are a few mistakes that could be easily fixed. I'd like to volunteer to do this for you!

  2. nicacat

    Well, they edit it over there. Still, if you have press experience and are willing to edit, write me.

  3. Good article, Daniel. Very clear andc, I think, correct about causation. I DID think that your editor had missed a few slightly-misstated idioms, ie. "by way of illustation", but that was really quite minimal in impact overall.

  4. Daniel, I don´t have press experience. However, having been an English/Spanish major, and especially since I'm a native bi-lingual, I believe that I'm particularly able to edit your posts.


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