Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portrait of a cynical fascist: Eugenia Sader

Yesterday something quite extraordinary happened: one of Chavez ministers revealed to which extent the moral decomposition of the higher echelons of the regime has come.  Namely, Eugenia Sader, the health minister, also issued from the highly immoral ranks of the Venezuelan army, and thus a true witness of the inhumanity and corruption now existing int eh Venezuelan armed forces.

The point comes during a press conference as she is asking to comment about the nurses of Venezuela who have been protesting for a month, on hunger strikes and sewn mouthes because, gasp, they want to make more than minimum wage, and re-gasp, they want the regime to fulfill the promises it made them and which were never fulfilled.  But the regime is not willing to pay its dues and since it has no money, indentured public servants are becoming the norm.

You do not need to understand the video below, just watch the face, the grimace of Sader as she says that she cannot lower herself to comment on people demanding their rights.  That is the portrait of a fascist, and cynical one if you forgive me the intended redundancy.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    A mi entender esta persona perdón ente, es una malvada. Ya antes les había dicho a unos huelguistas de hambre "Vengan a mi despacho tomaremos el desayuno juntos". Eso no es humor negro es igualita a las féminas de Hitler que gozaban viendo o torturando. Lo malo es que NADIE abre la boca en su contra,¿Que hacen los periodistas, los politicos opositores, los diputados? Pués NADA. La Maga Lee

  2. Anonymous12:45 AM

    That is the expression you often get from a lowly functionary at a government office when you apply for some some document or permit. Some people like to feel that they have power over you. Of course you don't get the document you need and have to go home empty handed and cursing uynder your breath. But this is a minister! A high ranking politician! There are many ways to answer the question put to her by the journalist. But she chose to behave like a non-educated lowly functionary. OK, she annoyed many people with her attitude, but to what political purpose?


  3. Daniel,this is off-topic but i want to put an idea on the table. Make a post,or a seriesof posts parting from these words,regarding the 2012 elections.

    "The lesser of two evils is still evil,and the enemy of my enemy is not my friend"

    I just feel its very unfair and shit that the opposition is fighting over who wants the throne after 12 years of bullshit, flagrantly putting the PEOPLE,the whole nation on the back burner,or in hell.

    Just an idea,this post doesn't even has to make it to the comments section

  4. Anonymous6:23 AM

    it really is sad and shocking to see this level of evil on a fellow Venezuelan....

    is like I say to my friends all the time, "de donde salio esta gente?"!!

    scary very scary


  5. Maga Lee,

    "Lo malo es que NADIE abre la boca en su contra,¿Que hacen los periodistas, los politicos opositores, los diputados"

    Of course they don't because they they don't have time ;)They can't waste time on her when they are competing with each other.They have to waste time instead on hating each other, and making sure everyone knows just how bad the opposition is:)

  6. antonio

    what that woman did cannot be excused becasue she is no lowly public servant, she is one of the important cabinet members of a socialist government who should have health care and its workers as a national priority. she has absolutely no excuse to be dismissive as she did.

    but then again she is from the venezuelan arrogant military which became even more arrogant since they are in power effectively since 2000, unaccountable even to chavez.

    in her brief finger wagging you can measure the full extent of the dictatorship we live under, a dictatorship that does not need to kill to survive because it has managed to crate such a network of dependency that, well, i better stop here....

  7. "unaccountable even to chavez"

    They're not unaccountable! If he wants their head, he'll have their head. I think the point here is that he will never call them to account for things that a proper leader would call them on, like this fine example. Not as long as they are loyal on the things he cares about. They will ALWAYS be accountable to him on that - or unemployed.

  8. Juan Cristóbal3:35 PM

    "That woman" is the daughter of a former high-ranked officer at "la antigua PDVSA." She reeks of IV-th Republic.

  9. Anonymous10:49 AM

    To Frigipette and Jan Cristobal

    1º No tienen tiempo?, no estan apretando, en fin no digo lo que pienso es feo y triste.

    2º No me extraña hay muchos exadecos o copeianos metidos a chavistas, son de la peor calaña, viven chupando lo que hay.
    La Maga Lee

  10. Maga Lee,con este ultimo me probaste el punto:)

    "No me extraña hay muchos exadecos o copeianos metidos a chavistas, son de la peor calaña,

    Seguramente que la quarta republica ( que era casi todo el pais) es peor que el Chavismo verdad?
    Esto es precisamente lo que Chavez quiere convencer a la gente, para que piensen que la dictadura es preferible a la democracia.Muchos en la oposicion no tienen sentido de la proporcion vale!

    No saben el significado ni la razon de usar el poder de " one pointedeness"( look it up) Maga Lee.

  11. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Firepigette, gracias por su comentario, claro que Chavez nos quiere imponer su dictadura, y lo que dije de los ex que se pasaron a chavistas no implica a todos los adecos y copeianos, pero en la oposición ellos aun se creen los mejores, mi deseo es que se cuadren( para hablar como el mandón) pero con la MUD y que todos unidos ganemos las elecciones con amplio margen.La Maga Lee


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