Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tightening the colonial control over Venezuela

Cuba is very worried about its colonial outpost in South America.  Things are not going well there.  The Viceroy is ailing just as the province is having serious difficulties in providing the monthly stipends due to the imperial metropolis, Havana.  Thus measures had to be taken before the natives become more restless than what they already are.

First, the Viceroy needs to be controlled tightly.  His ailments cannot be let known by all and any.  His planned health trips have to take place in Havana where it is easier to hide the side effects of chemotherapy.  The problem is that the masters have not found yet someone reliable enough to replace him, or politically skillful enough to make sure that the stipends keep coming, and to make sure that the natives keep believing they are an independent nation.

Thus as a second measure Cuba will pretend the Viceroy is still in charge while a radical team is left in Caracas to manage the day to day.  Since all is said in Orwellian jargon, by radical we must understand ultra conservative in that the team left in charge with the Viceroy´s Brother at the helm is comprised of people that want to keep unchanged the link between Cuba and Venezuela, the people that cannot tolerate that Venezuela were to become an independent nation.

In third there is a need to tighten control over the natives.  These are under the strange impression that they are still a protectorate and not an outright colony.  Under protectorate systems the masters still associate to a certain level the natives to the local administration, Independence is just "temporally suspended".  This might have been true in Venezuela until a few years ago but since 2007 at the very least Venezuela is a colony, the year when a minority felt enabled to impose its will over the majority.  The unfortunate side effect of this confusion is that there are still ways to convey news and opinions, even if self censored to a great extent; and there are elections even if the outcomes are increasingly rigged.  Thus the new measures to put in jail whomever says the truth and whomever does good at opinion polls threatening the Cuban colonial system.


  1. Glenn2:40 PM


    I am very afraid there could be another Cuban civil war, only this time it would be in Venezuela. Maybe Venezuela will have a new Independence Day after this, or maybe the imperialist Cuba keep control.

    Cono e'madre

  2. RabbiBulla6:53 PM

    I hate to "follow-up" on this line of thinking,but, if Chavez takes orders from Cuba, Cuban generals control the military in Venezuela and have Cubans controlling the fighter planes(they are the only ones that can fly the new ones from Russia)-then the only hope is
    two things-revolt of Venezuelan military and AND the Chavista milita-suddenly turn against the and see if Chavez continues to return from Cuba with more Cuban soldiers..

  3. RabbiBulla6:59 PM

    Furthermore, I do not want to see another military dictatorship replacing Chavez -even though I most definitely want Chavez gone NOW!! But, in the interim it appears to me this is the only way out of the Chavez/Cuba "bilivarian empire" nightmare.

  4. rabibulla

    and you suggest all of this from the safety of the US or from ground zero?

  5. RabbiBulla11:47 PM

    Daniel, you're right. I am in US and I would be/am so worried about trouble -right now. My wife is due to be there for a month soon. I do think possible a coup may occur soon..or an attempt.I an not an instigator, I was US military and don't believe this Admin. would "get involved"in the immediate future-so, that would leave open the possibility of many Venezuelans being harmed or worse.
    I am shocked that opposition is not/has not been in the streets already demanding Chavez resign.
    Venezuelans already know the truth-Chavez will not go away peacefully.
    Venezuelans I know -know inside their hearts that they do not want to go down the path Chavez is forcing everyone to go. Venezuela will be much better off without
    Chavez now!!!

  6. RabbiBulla1:09 AM

    Daniel, I am not rich, but everyone I know has been hurt or ruined by Chavez-businesswise, moneywise.Lost businesses means no jobs for workers, too. (Yet, Chavez enjoys large numbers by feeding the non-working pollo y arroyz, and discount food at Mercado, etc.)
    Tourism-look at it. Doctors leaving, other professionals taking money and getting out.
    And, devaluations. I cannot believe there were not protests in the streets over that-not a peep...
    And, Chavez spending money everywhere- UNAUTHORIZED-ILLEGAL
    and borrowing and spending billions more- Venezuelans- the future -not just the present is in trouble. Wake up, Now.Before it is too late.
    It is way past time to "take the gloves off", free yourselves and send a strong message to Cuba -to free themselves, too.


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