Friday, July 15, 2011

Brasil o cuba para la quimioterapia. ¿Y Venezuela?

¡Ay Hugo!  Bastante has jodido a Venezuela que no puedes tratarte ni siquiera en tus super CDI cubanos que nos clavaste.  Déjame ver si entiendo bien el asunto.

No confías en ninguna clínica privada venezolana.  ¿Sera porque todos los doctores buenos ya se fueron de Venezuela?  ¿Por que será que se fueron?  ¿Será que les robaste su futuro profesional?

Ninguno de los hospitales públicos te sirve en Venezuela.  ¿Por que?  ¿Será que los dejaste como cascarones vacíos, hasta de aspirina?

¿Y los famosos CDI cubanoides? Una tal fulana nos decía en televisión que ella y su familia habían decidido dejar la medicina privada para irse a los CDI a tratarse mejor.  ¿Que es de la vida de esa fulana?  ¿Será que también se fue a Cuba contigo a tratarse?

Te compadezco Hugo, porque ademas del dolor de culo que te estas gastando, debes tener un dolor de alma, si es que tienes una.  Mucha amargura debe darte saber que hasta los chavistas mas verracos y también los mas bolsas deben de empezar a preguntarse por que ellos tienen que calarse la medicina venezolana mientras a ti el estado te paga una fortuna por un arreglo de culo quien sabe en que otro país....


  1. Charly7:41 PM

    Con razon, este guevon tiene miedo de ser envenenado aqui.

  2. Prepared statement?

  3. RabbiBulla1:00 PM

    Daniel said-referring to Chavez-
    "debes tener un dolor de alma, si es que tienes una."
    Honestly, I believe he is a 'true sociopath/or psychopath" -and no he doesn't have a soul. I would even go so far to say-he believes himself to be some sort of "special being" with super powers...
    (Some of his fanatical followers belive it too)

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Rabbi- I completely agree with you. He perceives himself to have extraordinary powers.

    Yet, the Venezuelans are to blame for this. All they are concerned for is if they have enough whisky and a party to attend. Until the whisky is under government control everyone just wait a for around round of elections.

    my father in law is being exhorted in Puerto Ordaz. He can't sell his construction company. Contracts don't pay. His Chavista employees blame him and now he is fearful for his life. How to you walk away from a company you built as an immigrant? You just walk away and hand it to the government. Tell me what the solution is because the problems are so complex on all levels.

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I love Venezuela yet the moment I saw students insulting me because I was American I dyed my hair brown and my husband and returned to Houston. They were shouting at me "Americana....Americana" then they made hand signs of guns and acted like they were shooting me. I have my son in a stroller he wasn't even one year old. People would stare at us like aliens when we would go to eat at San Ignacio. It was sad but for our safety we had to live.


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