Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Playing dirty at the MUD

We should always remember that the MUD is first and foremost a collection of interests including people far from winning anything getting a chance at a back seat.  Today the MUD decided that Miranda State will have primaries for governor the same day than the presidential primaries.  This had as an immediate effect in forcing Capriles Radonski to chose for which primary he wants to run, just as he is on top of polls.  But curiously Zulia is not asked to hold a primary which smooths the way for either Pablo Perez or Manuel Rosales to get the nod as they please.  Primero Justicia of course complained loudly, through the voice of the guy that would replace Capriles on the Miranda ticket, establishing that it was more about fairness than anything else.

What one cannot understand is that since they decided to split the primaries pushing mayoral primaries for later, why can't the MUD hold Miranda primaries in March 2012?  They could even force a defeated Capriles to run in them and renew his political commitment!  PJ is not negating primaries, it just wants them at a different date!  But no, it is petty calculations by AD who wants anyone but PJ in Miranda, COPEI who thinks that Mendoza could return to Los Teques and favor COPEI, UNT who will trade support for AD or COPEI or even PJ for something elsewhere, etc, etc....

It is not that I am defending PJ on that one but it is a matter of principles and neatness, so decried in this blog for a year now.  Primaries should have been held earlier because all of these problems could have been solved easier after.  If we were voting next months for presidential candidate we could easily vote for all states in February and mayors whenever.  Meanwhile the stubborn decision by some parties are creating all sorts of resentments that eventually will cost us a lot.  Not to mention that each time the MUD does double standards like Miranda versus Zulia it gives free ammo to chavismo who cannot be bothered by any primary any time.

I do not know if anyone in the MUD reads me (I think they do since they seem to do all the opposite that I suggest) but today you screwed up, you are going to benefit only PJ in the end while damaging the Unidad chances.  In fact, today UNT and AD might well have killed PP candidacy while trying to help him because I, for one, will not avail such maneuvers with my primary vote who is now going to be for all but PP, the first primary candidate I will discard in my possible choices.  Sorry PP, you may not have had any part in that but now you are out of my choices.


  1. A. Barreda5:15 AM

    I agree with you, there's no way to avoid personal calculations, but it's rather offensive when it is THAT obvious. These sort of dirty tricks make things easier for chavismo and alienate people.
    I'm not a big fan of HRC, but if he loses the primary, he should be running for Miranda again. It's a no-brainer!
    On the other hand, I didn't like the statement of Ocariz victimizing HRC. It's lame. He should say that HRC is the best candidate for Miranda, were he to lose the presidential primary. That victimization only poisons the MUD unnecessarily.
    I also think that PP should be supporting HRC's case, otherwise people will believe that he is just another UNT/AD's cogollo member.

  2. For the record, Enrique Mendoza wrote in his twitter account that he strongly disagrees with the MUD decision.


    I call this a AD/UNT "dick move".

    And no sir, I do not like it.

  3. geha

    Good for Henrique Mendoza!!!! So it looks like an AD move!

    The truth is that AD could never stomach these new parties, always seen as upstarts to their godgiven right to rule over Venezuela.

  4. geha

    then again there is juan carlos caldera calling mendoza a hypocrite...

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    The truth is that there is no real "unidad" in Venezuela, too many selfish players, particularly from within the dinosaurs, and specially AD, which is why they torpedo anything and anybody that doesn't fit their agenda and AD's goal # 1 is not to beat Chavez, but the long term survival of the party and the hope of an eventual phoenix like rise from the ashes. A primary and maybe presidential election win by anybody else than PP would seal their fate of oblivion.

    They do not care that realistically the only 2 candidates that may be able to beat Chavez are HCR and LL. I believe that through behind the scene horsetrading the table is set already: PP will win the primaries, even though his chances to win the presidency are none.

    But "El bravo pueblo" continues with their "aqui no pasa nada" attitude, after all the booze is flowing, "new" breasts are sold at credit terms that make them available to every woman that wants them. Most every sifrina teenage girl's priority is to be a "Miss" something (with the goal of becoming Miss Venezuela) and, while there is no milk, the latest Blackberries are available in abundance. Yeah, there is this crime problem, but it happens mostly to others. Elections? Chavez will win anyhow, so why bother....


  6. A. Barreda2:54 PM

    I hope PP doesn't win the primaries. I seriously doubt that AD can't turn the tide in favor of PP. No matter what they do behind closed doors, is up to the voters to decide who they will support.
    I have a natural distaste for PJ, but all this whining and victimization of HRC is making me sick. And don't get me started about how HRC reacted to AD's endorsement of PP. I will only vote for HRC if he wins the primary, which I hope he doesn't.
    Given that Ledezma is out, I guess I'll give my support to LL or MCM...


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