Sunday, December 18, 2011

Juan Carlos Monedero, otra joya del chavismo

Miguel en su blog nos informa de una entrevista publicada en ABC de España de Juan Carlos Monedero, esa joya del chavismo, uno de los "intelectuales" que dirigen el Centro Internacional Miranda, esa cosa que trata de darle algo de sentido al socialismo del siglo XXI y que a decir verdad ha sido de lo mas discreto en estos ultimos dos años, a medida que ahora unicamente la opinion del Supremo cuenta.  En fin, las respuestas que dio Miguel me dejaron algo insastisfecho, y ademas con la necesidad de poner tambien algo en español para que nadie se lo pierda, señalando a ese farsante chupa dolares (o euros?).  ¡Ah!  Se me olvidaba, como la Golinger en el New York Times, el tipo en los comentarios de la entrevista escribe que la entrevista fue mal editada.  ¡Es que creen que uno es bolsa!

Puse un texto en ABC pero aqui abajo me permito ponerlo otra vez para que ustedes lo puedan disfrutar tambien:

A Juan Carlos Monedero

Lejos de mi polemizar aquí con usted. Ya tengo muchos años siguiendo sus travesuras en Venezuela en mi leído blog (y que los lectores de ABC me perdonen que sea en inglés).

Pero hay unas cosas que no se pueden dejar pasar de su entrevista, para que los lectores de ABC puedan entender por completo lo que usted representa.

Por ejemplo usted habla de las certificaciones de la UNESCO y de otras agencias de desarrollo. Pues bien, diga también que esas agencias no verifican números, aceptan de buena fe los números enviados por los países miembros, que los números de Venezuela los calculan gente con su talante, y que nadie en Venezuela tiene la posibilidad de verificar esos números debido al hermetismo y el sabotaje de los poderes públicos en contra de cualquiera que se atreva a investigar.

Usted trata de minimizar la violencia, de comparar Venezuela con México o África. Pero diga también que, desde que Hugo Chávez llegó al poder, en 13 años se triplicó la violencia en Venezuela. TRIPLICÓ. Y lo peor es que la subida dramática empezó con las famosas misiones sociales que supuestamente iban a resolver todo.

Usted implica que el gobierno prefiere inflación a paro. ¿Será que usted tendrá la gentileza
de explicar al lector que en Venezuela hay millones de trabajadores informales? ¿Que para el
INE (nuestro instituto de estadísticas) cualquier persona que ejerce alguna actividad remunerada unos pocos días al mes se considera trabajador a tiempo completo?

Dígalo, por favor, en nombre de la objetividad. Las explicaciones se dan como uno quiera pero los números, señor Monedero, son terribles para la reputación de gente como usted.

Y ni mencionemos su comparación grosera de la Venezuela pre Chávez a la España franquista. De todas las burlas a la inteligencia que usted ha dicho, esa puede aspirar al título de la peor.


  1. Good stuff Daniel. It would be rather easy to dissect every single response from this moronic Leech, a well-paid mercenary, undoubtedly. Thought about it, but hey, it was Sunday..

    To Miguel's and your observations I would add, for instance, that the outrageous, unprecedented levels of crime ( --over 60 murders every weekend?! in a City of just 4 million, no to mention the record-breaking daily kidnappings, and petty thefts, which force people to be utterly scared to even go to a park or stop at a red light, let alone go out at night---) those are closely related to the exponential deterioration of the economy, the galloping inflation, unemployment and under-employment you mention. i.e. if people had more jobs, or better jobs, with a decent "poder adquisitivo", they wouldn't be out there robbing and killing as much.

    Everything is inter-related, with Chavismo's incompetence as the common denominator (insufficient, corrupt police force, jail system and judicial system down the toilet, public education still a mess, etc, etc)

    And about comparing Venezuelan socialismo to Spain.. woww.. how about comparing it to any other totalitarian system in the world, from the Russians to the Cubans, which have all failed miserably, 50 decades of blatant failure in Chavez's adored Cuba.. which will also revert to Capitalism as soon as the old gizzards are gone..

    What a hypocritical clown. People actually sell their souls for cash any day of the week, as the thousands who are bribed by Chavez do.

  2. Sledge,

    I think we have to go a bit deeper when solving the crime issue than just:
    "if people had more jobs, or better jobs, with a decent "poder adquisitivo", they wouldn't be out there robbing and killing as much."

    I know quite a few people who in financially dire straights do not commit crimes of any nature; however the psychopath when unsuccessful does resort to crime.

    Mental illness, and personality disorder is rampant in Venezuela....what can we do about that one?

    The fact there there might be an association between high crime and unemployment or under employment,and or inflation etc, is not the same as direct cause.

    I wonder just how well these same criminals will perform at their newly created high paying jobs?

  3. Sledge,

    just to further elaborate a bit:

    I know of quite a few criminals who after getting high paying jobs in the Chavez government, have only increased
    their propensity to crime:)

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    The probability of doing any action regarded as illegal is directly proportional to how easy it is to get away with it and how beneficial it would be. Having legal alternatives to achieve the same goal is only meaningful if said legal ways are easier than the illegal ones, otherwise it makes no difference.

    Notice that this doesn't quite apply to illegal actions that are explicitly regarded as "highly immoral" and/or violent (e.g. murder), where the person might have their own reasons not to do them regardless of whether or not they think they might get caught. However people who have no problem committing murder, will certainly not stop committing murders just because there might be a legal alternative to achieve the same goal.

    The point is, just creating jobs will not reduce crime as long as illegal acts are (a) easy to get away with and (b) easier to do than a real job. It is necessary to ensure that people think the the job is a better alternative than crime, which can only happen if (a) there are enough jobs for everyone, (b) there is a great certainty that committing crimes will get you punished.

  5. Sure, anon,, it's as usual a combination of factors, as i attempted to quickly outlay a few of them.. better law enforcement,gun control, better jails, better economy, better jobs, better education, better judicial system, all interrelated. Any government needs to address all of that, plus then some (drugs/gangs/illegal immigration, etc, etc, etc)... even crime-watch neighbor associations, gotta attack the "insegurad" monster from every angle.

  6. Anon,

    you say:

    "The probability of doing any action regarded as illegal is directly proportional to how easy it is to get away with it and how beneficial it would be "

    That would only be true with the personality disordered...a normal healthy person has other reasons( more internal ones) for following a law.

    I think that this value in itself is responsible for the increase in personality defects.Everything is justifiable by the external situation?

    I don't think so....this is precisely why Chavez's attitude encourages crime to a great degree.


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