Saturday, January 21, 2012

Campaign temperature

Without judging the value of that video or investigating whether the claims are correct (I assume that they are not totally misleading because at this stage of the campaign it would be too dangerous to pull such a stunt) I am putting this video ad of Leopoldo Lopez which apparently was censored by X.  It is about Lopez commitment to fight crime.  I have no further detail so far on that censorship allegation.  Regardless, it gives you an idea of the campaign temperature and probably foretells a more interesting debate than usual next Monday night.  You do not need to understand Spanish to get the mood.


  1. Boludo Tejano5:29 AM

    1) What did you mean, "censored by X?"
    2) LL's accent is more cantante than I am accustomed to hear from Venezuelans. Para un Boludo, es buena cosa.

    1. Sorry, the post went up too early. Now you have the final version.

  2. Who is X, Daniel?

    Good commercial. Leopoldo rebooted his campaign well.

    1. My sources says it is the networks which refused to pass it. I suppose making it viral is a side benefit.

    2. The bullet holes and the blood probably gave the networks an excuse to not show it.

      CONATEL would punish them for "inciting violence". Go figure.

  3. Island Canuck2:13 PM

    Is VTV allowing the MUD to run commercials??
    I would presume no but that's another good campaign point - the TV station for all Venezuelans won't allow another voice.

    These are the types of commercials that need to be seen by all Venezuelans.

  4. Shaililiko3:42 PM

    TV networks in Venezuela would not accept to run this Ad.

  5. good video. succinct. and the data is more memorable when presented this way, rather than as a verbal diatribe in the National Assembly. Or so I think.

  6. shaililiko3:49 PM

    Leopoldo is the one man best able to provide safety to venezuelans in the next six years. he has made one electoral promise: to put the entire nation to work on this issue which is an issue literally of LIFE and Death... and just his track record and the team of the best venezuelans which will accompany in the unity platform will be a guarantee to attract investment, trust, create jobs, and we will be able to have the Venezuelan Miracle that we know we can have...

  7. Good video, but he's talking about tiny Chacao, right? It's not like he delt with 23 de Enero, la Pastora or Catia..Guarenas or Guatire..

    Also, I'd like to hear, succinctly, what specific measures he would implement to lower crime Nationwide. And how he would be able to do so, in concrete, realistic terms.

    The problem of crime, and violence in Vzla is much deeper than what he intends to portray: it is closely tied to profound problems in society which can't be fixed overnight: For instances, as an appetizer:

    - Economic woes, unemployment, inflation, lack of "poder adquisitivo"
    - Deep dichotomies between the "haves" and "have nots", rich and poor.
    - Under-education, which is also tied to class warfare.
    - Widespread Corruption: at all levels... Judiciary system, Correctional facilities, police forces..

    No one can fix those underlying causes of crime in a few years-- theft, murder, kidnappings, extortion, etc, etc

    It could improve noticeably in several years, with ten-times more police, tough jail sentences. But he's dreaming, or lying to the public.

  8. I realize this ad is only intended to motivate when it emphasizes fighting against crime and corruption.This is fine, because I think herein lies the crux of major political , socioeconomic problems in Venezuela today.No use in discussing helping the poor get out of poverty if crime is on these levels

    But let's go deeper .First we should be clear about the real problem in order to train law enforcement to determine which crimes are coming from crime syndicates and which from merely local crime.No politician seems to be willing to broach the subject in its essence...only in a superficial incomplete and useless way.I think this is typical in Venezuela, due to traditionally unhealthy alliances.

    Venezuelan opposition politicians have to stay away from the traditional temptation to "grease the wheels" as the only means of getting anything accomplished, as this is a slippery slope that leads to total corruption .

    In 2000, the United Nations implemented the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNCTOC) in an attempt to bring relief to Nations struggling to fight international organized criminalism within their borders.However the situation in Venezuela is one in which organized crime overwhelms the rule of law , despite many efforts and the promulgation of multilateral mechanisms.

    However worldwide crime and its alliances with corrupt dictatorships, has implemented transnational crime to unprecedented levels. Here we see a nexus between drug trafficking, money laundering, and trafficking of weapons, humans, and false documents such as passports, identities, and business records, and other contraband, finding a very fertile ground with our corrupt government. Guerrilla groups use the proceeds of international criminal enterprise to maintain ill-gotten wealth, fuel insurgency, and destabilize our economic resources. Those involved in it have no respect for, or loyalty to Nation's boundaries, or to sovereignty.

    The problem has grown so severe that organized crime in Venezuela has spilled beyond the West, forging alliances with criminal
    orgs of those in Russia, Middle East, and China.Also the FARC is linked with global terrorism and they depend on organized crime for their fuel.

  9. Juan Cristóbal8:40 PM

    This ad is highly disingenuous. One graph shows the homicide rate, the other graph shows "número de delitos." How do you define those? What exactly is on the Y axis? By lumping together apples and oranges in the same graph, I get the feeling I'm being scammed.

    I have no doubt that Leopoldo knows what to do about crime, but I wouldn't know it from this ad.

    1. How are you so sure that Leopoldo "knows what to do about crime", just curious.

    2. JC

      And what would you ever know from a political ad?


    3. Juan Cristóbal2:08 PM

      Well, I think his proposals are on the right track. His handling of graphs, however, is highly suspect.

    4. Ah, Juan, graphs, charts and Venezuelans: there's a special relationship there.
      It seems as if we didn't have to plot charts at age 11-12.
      I was discussing with a Chavista right now about the murder rate and he kept telling me I was forgetting population has grown...rate, for Goodness sake, rate!
      Por eso es que estamos como estamos.

  10. Un blog foarte interesant chiar daca NU stiu asa bine spaniola am aflat MULTe despre Venezuela !!!


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