Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Chavez keeps piling up mistakes: idiotically he calls Capriles Nazi

Chavez' s verbal incontinence and lack of cultural education is playing tricks on him now that he feels electorally cornered.  In his desperation to bring Capriles down the gutter (Chavez can only "argue" in the gutter) he claimed that Capriles was a skinhead with all the implications and connections. And he has proof of it.

In the past Chavez could get away with such unfounded outrages which many apologists charged on his folksy ways. But this time around it is yet another major campaign blunder.  In the heat of the campaign his followers are going to demand that Chavez publishes the evidence, an evidence which could doom Capriles. This is not a circus occurrence at Alo Presidente, this is a real campaign where Chavez supporters for the first time feel contrary winds.

Not only Chavez cannot deliver (if the evidence existed it would have been published years ago by Capriles rivals within the opposition) but Capriles dignified reply is going to double Chavez political cost.  He simply said that as a descendant of Holocaust victims he did not play with such words, that Chavez had no idea what nazism and fascism were, and may he please respect his family because Capriles himself is not attacking Chavez family.  Which has of course the added bonus to remind folks that the Chavez family would be a fair target if he wanted to do so, due to the ample evidence of sudden rags to riches, corruption and assorted power abuses.....

Is Hugo becoming the main strategist of Capriles campaign?


  1. Capriles' reply was certainly dignified within the context of his answer, however I see a problem with the following....

    In politics in general we are now beginning to see a total lack of ethics in how we treat each other,both officially, and unofficially.Republicans lie and slander Democrats, and Democrats lie and slander Republicans instead of debating points.

    Chavez is no exception.He is actually much worse.However, this means that the one slandered has to totally base himself in defense, rather than concentrate on a more positive course.

    Also when people are accused,there will always be people who are overly influenced by the accusations, even if they are wildly false.It plants a seed in the minds of the weak and many people out there are weak minded and easily influenced.If the one accused speaks up ,the same weak and paranoid people will wonder why he is defending himself if he is innocent.So basically this kind of sociopathy creates a lose -lose situation for the victim, who has to be an expert in damage control.

    It is a psychological set up.There will be a percentage who will wonder if it is true or not.

    If it were me I would not dignify Chavez with a response.I don't want to base my communications on defending myself against lies and slander unless I am in a court of law.Let the one slandering scream out in a vacuum.His words do not merit attention.


  2. It's obvious that Chavez is the anti-Semitic fascist.

  3. Island Canuck11:11 AM

    FP, I think you are misreading how Capriles is handling Chavez.

    In my opinion it is really the best & only way you could.

    He's not defending himself. He occasionally refers to the fact that he won't pay any attention to the insults raining on him from the other side & says that they have nothing new to offer so they criticize him.

    With regard to this latest slur he did not defend himself. As Daniel points out:
    "He simply said that as a descendant of Holocaust victims he did not play with such words, that Chavez had no idea what nazism and fascism were, and may he please respect his family because Capriles himself is not attacking Chavez family."

    Very, very cool.

  4. Capriles acted very well.
    He said what he had to say, exactly as he had to say it.
    Not a single word more.
    It is up to us to do our part. And what is it? To simply spread the news across the world about what Chávez said to Capriles and what Capriles replied. Let the world think for itself.
    That's the best strategy.

    1. 1979 Boat People3:48 PM

      I couldn't agree more.

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    You said, "... his followers are going to demand that Chavez publishes the evidence." Can you explain? You may be right, but from afar it doesn't seem like his followers actually demand anything from him, unless he's planning to do it.

    1. I think that, regrettably, most people in Venezuela don't understand what a jewish person or a skinhead really are to be outraged by a comment as outrageous and offensive. I think Capriles' response was dead on.

  6. I've occasionally wondered how Eva Golinger, Chávez sycophant par excellence, would justify some of her idol's recent absurdities. Naturally, she's too busy drawing attention to herself, while attempting to assert that the chavista government did not fund/was not behind her involvement in the Occupy Wall Street protests, in New York.

  7. So glad the Nazi reference came up, courtesy of military-boot-in-the-mouth. Capriles responded to it brilliantly. Ignoring the comment would have done grave injustice to his grandparents. Ignoring it would have given rise to further comparisons that are, frankly, out of touch with that dreadful time in history. Chávez' comment required a response. Capriles did so ELEGANTLY and succinctly. Bravo Capriles.

    1. I agree.
      If he would have ignored it, then chavistas would say "el que calla otorga".

    2. Esato. Not only that, Carolina, but Capriles' mantra is education, education, education. And God knows, er pueblo needs it. Capriles knows that, and so, by his answer, he not only defended the memory of his grandparents, but he also educated. Not that it's going to do much good to the cult-worshippers. But it will register in the minds of most.

      Otra cosa ... We've all been guilty, at one time or another, of flippantly applying "Nazi" to whatever, when most of us haven't read enough history of that time period to know what really went on. Or we haven't talked to survivors from that time frame, haven't known the losses in families that occurred because of that mad addict who wanted to rule to world and to select what races/groups would populate it and which ones would not.

    3. meaning ... one should be careful of using words that one doesn't fully understand. One should "not play with such words".

  8. Of course, Chavez has also called Capriles a Jewish Zionist as well.

    If you throw enough of it against the wall, some of it is going to stick.

    1. 1979 Boat People3:43 PM

      If you throw enough of it against the wall, some of it is going to stick.

      Indeed! that is how the propaganda works.

  9. Charly4:38 PM

    And this from a dude whose mentor used to be Noberto Ceresole. What is the difference between nazism and fascism? Uh? The dude is obviously a fascist, that has been known for some time, just take the fact that he has introduced state capitalism in the country in a big way. Far more interesting is his electorate. Knowing what the dude is, does it mean that his electorate is
    a) illiterate, ignorant or the like;
    b) a bunch of jelly fish;
    c) profiteering parasites (eg. the missions);
    d) all of the above.

  10. Has anyone noticed how conspiracy theories and paranoid assumptions can become wildly popular even when there is absolutely no proof?

    First of all people are often eager to believe what their friends believe even in the face of proof to the contrary.Sometimes the more small arguments one has as evidence in favor of a claim, the higher the probability that someone will believe you regardless of how ridiculous those arguments are.

    I agree with Roy here, some of it will stick regardless....firepigette

  11. Another interesting tidbit:

    "The Big Lie is a propaganda technique whose invention is often falsely credited to Adolf Hitler (Hitler was not advocating the use of this technique but was in fact accusing Jews and Marxists of using it).

    The basic idea is that the bigger a lie you tell, the more likely people will be to believe it, since it's difficult for them to accept that someone could tell a lie that huge with a straight face."

  12. Once a coward, always a coward. Ch. can't own up to the Nazi label he gave to Capriles, so he starts skating to avoid the journalist's question. The journalist, meanwhile, has no spine, does not nail the prezi on the Nazi label.


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