Monday, January 21, 2013

The dumb and the sharp

It is nice to see that while at the OAS seat in Washington all but a couple of folks play dumb on Venezuela, a few blocks away at the Washington Post Jackson Diehl calls it as it is.


  1. Diehl got it all in, beautifully expressed. Thanks for this, Daniel.

    1. Do you reckon they read the WaPo at the OAS?

    2. Sure they do, and at the very least, Chaderton would.

      Imagine if Jackson Diehl et al could have seen what lay behind the cosmetic façade, at least 13 years ago. Not sure if he was one of the many journos who gave oxygen to the propaganda churned out by the Vzlan Information Office.

  2. and then there's this to add to the emptiness of a failed city in a failed country, laid to waste by socialist steroids and Cuban apparatchiks.


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