Monday, February 11, 2013

So, where are we at?

The president has not been heard of in now more than 60 days.

The president missed his swearing him obligation and the High Court drew a lame excuse which violates the Constitution WHEN there was an acceptable way, that did not violate too much the Constitution and that counted with the blessing of the opposition while allowing chavismo to retain all levers of power for at least 180 days.

There is no clear leadership at the top of the government  Main chavismo personalities keep going back an forth to Havana and yet there is no evidence, solid evidence, that they discuss things with Chavez.

The commie, atheist, bomb throwers, Said Baba followers, Catholic Church thrashers of the past are suddenly finding religion and bringing statues of the Virgin Mary to Chavez, in Cuba of all places, offical vehicles and all.

The only language left for chavismo at home are threats and insults. Not even hints of a rational position anywhere, even when they lop off 37% of the Venezuelans savings and income.

The regime is trying to use blackmail, threats and cash to bring over opposition legislators, in the purest Peru's Montesino fashion except it is made in public. No vladivideos needed here.

Shelves are getting increasingly empty and any store tat receives corn flour has lines in front.

The inflation is now above 3% two months in a row. That is, two months in a row Venezuela has had more monthly inflation than most countries have in a year.

The currency loses 37% of its value and actually it is not enough according to most serious economists.

Yet the price of gas remains unchanged and with this new devaluation sales at the pump may not even cover the attendant's minimal wage.

The new labor law has created a massive chronic absenteeism in most production plants bringing down production to dangerous levels.

And more....

So, where at we now?  You tell me......


  1. Island Canuck7:49 AM

    "So, where at we now? You tell me......"

    Up the creek without a paddle.

    1. Island,

      Did you know that Shites Creek is actually a real place?


    2. Island Canuck11:42 AM

      LOL :-)

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Cmon How much more will Venezuelan people have to really they can understand that very much help is needed in order to get out this slump!!
    It's not first time something like this has happened...I think is time to wake up, smart up and cut the bullshit that everyone is so used to now. Like wtf is wrong with the Venezuelan citizens. It's time to take charge as it's very obvious that there's not government taking care of the people Living in venezuela.
    Like how many more lies and corruption is gonna take to realize the damage done to such beautiful country.
    The time to change everything is now..we Venezuelan must regain our pride with dignity!
    Please let's start building a new Venezuela today by a

  3. What is the over/under on the revelation that he has passed?

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Sixty days? You gotta give these Chavistas some credit for pulling this one off. For all practical purposes, they have outdone the dormant Opposition in Venezuela. It is very clear that Chavez is seriously handicapped, otherwise he would have used his filthy mouth to energize his followers. Knowing how bad Chavez likes to perpetuate his own personality cult, it is fair to assume that he is in deep caca. Let's see... during the past elections he was shown swelling like a Christmas pig and that was caused by a heavy dose of steroids. Now, that Chavez knowingly took the risk of running a reelection instead of seeking medical care, that has its own merits. Was he "that" convinced to cheat death? or was he just plainly stupid (and ambitious) to gamble with his own life?

    Let's continue. Steroids clearly compromised his immune system, ergo by the time he got to the OR, catching an infection was expected. It is rather difficult to overcome this deficiency and a heavy use of antibiotics under these circumstances may hinder his kidneys.

    Basically, the poor bastard is just dying, but his minions may be hopeful to maintain him a few more weeks alive. Really? Shouldn't he be given his last, few days to go out of this world with style?

    It wouldn't be surprising to have a magnificent State funeral; one funeral to revive Chavismo and the opportunity to capitalize with this next-to-be martyr.


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