Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Natives are restless: military abuse against Native Americans Pemon

Prisoner of the Pemon!!!!!
I had to wait to be ready to discuss the latest scandal of bolivarianism. And it is a big one. Imagine that: machete and small gun wielding Native Pemon of Bolivar state were able to take prisoner 43 Venezuelan soldiers of that powerful force designed to resit the onslaught of the Evil Empire through the use of sophisticated Russian weaponry.

It is a good thing that ridicule does not kill, otherwise we would have dozens of cadavers to pick up today, starting by a main ally of Chavez in the army, Cliver Alcala Cordones, a top brass in charge of the Southern Venezuela military area and also in the DEA list for links to drug traffic.  In fact initial reports said that Alcala Cordones was in the captive group. Whether he was does not seem to have mattered much on his mood as the picture circulating through Twitter shows us. The guy has been humiliated by the natives, and shows all the signs of the racist arrogance of too many Venezuelans towards natives, even inside the fraudulent revolution.

A decomposed Alcala,
according to Twitter

Am not quite ready to take the side of the natives in that story. After all, their "traditional mining" techniques involve quite a hit against the environment, including mercury amalgam flushed downstream and what not. However one thing is sure, the regime has been using brute force to stop them, without offering them any alternative way to make a living. In fact, it gets even worse, as the latest regime move in the area was to kick out Russian and Canadian mining interest and give it all tot he Chinese, banning the Native Pemon once and for all.

That was just too much for them since in previous "negotiations" they had accepted to surrender their concession as long as compensation was given   None came.  But Cliver Alcala started blowing up bridges, isolating communities, blocking food supplies and what not, affecting not only the miners, but also the local tribes happening to be living in the war zone.

See, Cliver Alcala is the typical military gorilla like brute of Latin America and his promotion has come out of convenient subservience to Chavez who allowed the monster (and many others in the army) to flourish, unaccountable, even when the DEA put him and several other in his list of possible to certain drug overlords in the Caribbean.

We are told that the Cubans/Castro did promote Venezuela to become a drug trafficking way out of Colombia. The strategy was to destroy the US/Europe/Capitalism through sale of massive amount of drugs. It was also meant to give a helping hand to the FARC in Colombia, a guerilla every day more squeezed by the effects of the "Plan Colombia" (see map I drew on some of these routes in a recent post). Whether this is true (I do think it is at least partially true, these people are crazy/mean enough for that) the fact of the matter is that the Venezuelan army has been evicting potential observers in the area for quite a while.

It started when US missionary were expelled from Amazonas and Bolivar states on specious charges of brain washing among others, as if chavismo was not a gigantic brain washing operation. Then the gas supply was controlled by the army so only acceptable people could circulate in the area. Of these I have two personal evidences.

I tried to contact a tour guide two years ago to visit the Autana. He told me it was difficult , that he could not guarantee success because if the FARC came first to a gas station they could take the whole supply and the expedition would be stopped there. No refunds for the expedition..... Amen of the bribes to be paid to the Nazional Guard, to be paid by the tourists of course.

Eerily, when I came back form the US a week ago I was sitting next to missionaries that used to be in Amazonas. They have been expelled nastily and the husband almost was sent to jail a couple of times. Now they are banned and took up new missionary work elsewhere in Venezuela, with utmost discretion. However they have maintained some contact with the tribes they served in the past and they have received all sorts of reports from abuses by the army against the natives, going all the way to serial rape of the women by the soldiers.

Mining also became a source of riches for the army: they demanded their cut from the natives just to let them do illegal mining. And when needed they would let Brazilian Garimpeiros in to do the work, and kill the natives for which apparently they have even less compassion.

In other words, the revolutionary army of Venezuela, these days led by our Cliver boy, has being all but putting law and order in the South of Venezuela. Cliver and his gangsters are a true representation of the most corrupt regime in our history. What makes the whole situation worse is that this is a regime that supposedly was going to improve the conditions of the Native Americans in Venezuela. All these rights were enshrined in the 1999 Constitution  And yet all seems to point out to yet another major fraud of the pseudo revolution, turned now fascist to the point of forcing the natives rise as they did last week to capture quite a few soldiers if you ask me....

Now you understand better why it took me so long to write about this. I am so upset that I am not even proof reading it.  PS: I proofed it this morning. Sorry, quite a few typos. And I am mad again.


  1. We better give the Pemons a uniform, they can do a better job protecting the border than these commie pussies.

  2. Charly1:36 PM

    Just too bad they didn't kill Alcala. Would have sent a message.

  3. Thank you, Daniel, for your valued observations on a very troubling topic that exposes the seams of the pseudo=revolution. When I first saw the enlarged photo of Cliver Alcalá's face on twitter, what struck me were his very bloodshot eyes, as though he were drugged (by his own doing) or drunk -- and not just on power.

    That portrait is a poem.

    I agree with you that Vzla's heavy tilting towards its expansion as a drug trafficking route, since Chávez came to office, has a Cuban/Castro imprint for the reasons you mention, even though pseudo-revolutionary sheep will stomp their little feet and deny, before trying to switch the topic.

    My respect to the Pemons. May they be allowed to exist in peace -- without the trappings of a uniform. I'm glad you mentioned the other side of the face: the environmental issues.

    In all, a welcomed balance.

  4. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Dear Daniel, thank you for reporting on the treatment of the indigenous; very troubling and saddening. It is ironic that Chavez allows that to occur while two of his key disciples, Evo Morales and Correa, work to improve the rights of the native people. It is paradoxical also that Chavez is now become the epitome (if he is still alive) of the uncaring and foul Imperialist that he so decries. Not only as to the treatment of those people, but also by confiscating their lands and allowing a foreign power (China) to enter the country to usurp the rights of the locals. Yet another contradiction of the Fearless Leader and his forces of ignominy. Such a farcical regime.

  5. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Que divertido, se habra visto cosa más ocurrente, soldados uniformados y con armas modernas, prisioneros de los indios Pemones a punta de arco y flecha, pobre Venezuela, las FAN maltratando los indigenas cuando la Constitución los defiende, da pena ajena ver estas cosas. Hasta cuando soportaremos tamaña desgracia, Venezuela= pais a la deriva, sin presidente, sin comida, sin reales, pare de contar


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